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"I really appreciate that I can go out and come home with no worries."

- Bonnie P., Client

Respite for Family Caregivers

While caring for your aging parent is a labor of love, it is still labor. As you spend more and more of your time caring for your senior parent, you may find yourself giving up favorite hobbies and vacations, saying no to friends, feeling distracted at work and getting more stressed with your spouse and children. Over time, juggling caregiving with work, raising children and managing a household increases your risk for depression, chronic illness and a decline in your overall quality of life.
Despite these risks, you may neglect good health habits if you’re like many caregivers. You may skimp on sleep, eat poorly, skip regular exercise, keep going even when you’re ill or postpone your own medical appointments. If you’re a caregiver who neglects your own health, you’re more likely to suffer from a chronic condition such as high cholesterol or high blood pressure and be overweight. Caregiving can also take a toll on your mental health, with an estimated 46 percent to 59 percent of caregivers suffering from clinical depression.
It’s time to pause and ask yourself: “What good will I be to the person I care for if I become ill?” As a caregiver, it is critical for you to take good care of yourself—even while you are taking care of your aging loved one.
It is possible to take some much-needed time for yourself while meeting the needs of your senior parent through SYNERGY HomeCare’s respite care services.  

Resources for Family Caregivers

Adult children can be thrust into the caregiver role when they least expect it. It only takes an aging parent’s illness, a slip in the bathroom or a collision caused by a mistake in the driver’s seat, and an adult child may find their new job as a caregiver—a role that few people adequately plan or prepare for. For practical tips and advice on caregiving, here are handy resources:  

Play it Safe

A guide to the subtle warning signs your aging parent needs help.

"We need to talk"

A how-to guide on how to handle "the conversation" about your aging parents' home care needs.

Alzheimer's: What is happening to my loved one?

Basic knowledge of this baffling and tragic disease.

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Client Testimonials

  • I haven't had the opportunity to meet all of the current caregivers, but I can personally attest to how wonderful Kasha has been. My mother feels immediately at ease knowing that she is here caring for her on the evenings, and she has always been patient and agreeable.

    Alethea P (Lansdowne, PA)

    Care by: SYNERGY HomeCare Broomall

  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank Synergy for assisting with in-home care for my mother who has dementia. The staff members are professional, courteous, friendly & caring and have allowed my mother the ability to stay and live in her home with this disease for as long as physically possible.

    Doug P. (Chelsea, MI)

    Care by: SYNERGY HomeCare Chelsea