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3-5 hour care including: Trips to the doctor, pharmacy, grocery store...

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Grandma Lill learns about Cloning

Why does this caregiver look so familiar? And handsome?

Kevin Droniak recently went to New York City, and Grandma Lill needed a ride to swimming. Luckily, they have SYNERGY HomeCare to help Grandma Lill. But why does this caregiver look so familiar?

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Motivational speaker thanks caregivers

Encouraging words to caregivers from Chad Hymas

Chad Hymas, World-renowned speaker, author, and motivator, shares his message of gratitude to the SYNERGY HomeCare franchise owners the SYNERGY HomeCare 2018 Annual Franchise Meeting.

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You Don't Need to Worry about Mom & Dad

When you visited them, you noticed something...

You visited your parents last weekend and noticed lots of changes. Mom can't keep up with the house and dad forgets to take his medicine. After a weekend of running errands you're overwhelmed, the effects of aging on your parents can no longer be ignored.

Don't worry! SYNERGY HomeCare is here to help by offering a variety of services; from providing a companion who can clean prepare meals and will remind dad to take his medicine to around-the-clock compassionate care.

Our home care specialist will customize a plan and give you peace of mind that your parents are getting the help they need and most importantly that they are safe. 

Call SYNERGY HomeCare now to schedule you FREE in-home care assessment. 

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Michelle Lisk Senior Selfie WGAL

Janelle Stelson and Megan Frank with WGAL News

Janelle Stelson and Megan Frank with WGAL News 8 talk with Michelle Lisk from SYNERGY HomeCare of Mid Pennsylvania about how a #seniorselfie can raise money to end Alzheimer's.

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Benefits of Pet Ownership

Carla talks about the many ways pets help us to reduce stress

Carla talks about the many ways pets help us to reduce stress, maintain emotional health, and what kinds of things you should consider before becoming a pet owner.

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Frank Shannon Home Safety WGN9

Dina Bair from WGN9 talks with Frank Shannon and Julie Naggs

Dina Bair from WGN9 talks with Frank Shannon and Julie Naggs from SYNERGY HomeCare of Chicago about how June is home safety month, and how we can keep the senors we love safe with simple items around the house.

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Are simple tasks no longer simple?

Let's keep things simple, allow us to help you live independently.

Let's keep things simple, allow us to help you live independently. Enjoying your life is what you've worked hard for, we're going do our best to keep everyday tasks easy. From making meals, to getting dressed, or simply having someone to talk to SYNERGY HomeCare is here for you

Do you need help at home? Visit: today to learn how we can make the day better for you or your loved ones.

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Aging with Purpose

Retirement today means something very different than it did even 15 years ago.

Retirement today means something very different than it did even 15 years ago. Improved health and telecommuting technologies have not only changed the age of when we retire but has challenged the definition of retirement itself. This webinar will explore how we are redefining what retirement means. We will consider the myths of retirement and how to plan for a meaningful and purposeful retirement. This seminar is perfect for those who are looking ahead to retirement and in the midst of planning for it, as well as those who have already stepped into their retirement but want to shake up the status-quo. 

Our Caregivers

Our caregivers are incredible individuals with an unmatched ability to care for everyone.

  • National Criminal Background Check
  • Enhanced Training and Certifications
  • Our Caregivers are W-2 Employees
  • Bonded and Insured

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What to Expect (No Contracts, Just Care)

We don't require a contract to start caring for you and your loved ones. Give us a call to learn more or find a local agency near you.

What if I need to speak to someone in the office after business hours?

SYNERGY HomeCare's office staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. When the office is closed, there is an on-call person available to help you.

Is Medicare or Medicaid funding available for these services?

Today, Medicare does not cover non-medical home care services. The exception to this is when a patient is eligible for Home Health Care (skilled nursing), continues to meet those criteria, and the home care services are provided by the Medicare certified Home Health Agency; there is a limit to how much home care will be covered.

Medicaid offers some coverage to eligible Medicaid recipients. In this case the agency used must be a certified Medicaid provider.

For more information, visit:

I have insurance and I'm not sure if it covers non-medical home care and/or home health care services, will Synergy HomeCare verify coverage prior to starting service?

Yes. SYNERGY HomeCare is very comfortable in dealing with insurance companies. With your approval, we will check your coverage and let you know the results.

What different services do you offer?

SYNERGY HomeCare is proud to offer a full range of non-medical home care services. Your local office can help you determine the specific services right for your situation.

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