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Answers to common home care questions

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What if I need to speak with someone after business hours?

SYNERGY HomeCare's office staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. When the office is closed, there is an on-call person available to help you.

I have insurance, and I'm not sure if it covers non-medical home care or home health care services. Will Synergy HomeCare verify coverage before starting service?

Yes. SYNERGY HomeCare is very comfortable in dealing with insurance companies. With your approval, we will check your coverage and let you know the results.

Is Medicare or Medicaid available for non-medical in-home care?

Original Medicare does not pay for non-medical home care aides and selectively covers home health care. As of 2019, some Medicare Advantage plans may cover non-medical, home care aides depending on one's plan.

Medicaid pays for non-medical home care to help individuals remain living in their homes. However, Medicaid rules are state-specific, and therefore, eligibility and benefits differ in every state. Read a state-by-state guide to Medicaid programs covering home care.

What different services do you offer?

SYNERGY HomeCare is proud to offer a full range of non-medical home care services. Your local office can help you determine the specific services right for your situation.

Can you do short term senior care?

Yes. Our care is always determined by what you need - it's part of our “No Contracts, Just Care” philosophy. Your local office will work with you to create a plan of care specific to your individual needs.

Can you care for someone in a facility (hospital, nursing home, or assisted living)?

Yes. We provide care services to everyone wherever they call home.

What if a family member needs to be put in a care facility while receiving SYNERGY HomeCare’s services?

We transition with you. We work with you and the facility to continue providing the services you request.

Do I have to sign a contract locking me into services?

No. SYNERGY HomeCare is here to meet your needs, and as your needs change, so will the services you receive. Our service agreement reflects this and adapts to meet changing needs.

How often do I get billed for services?

Billing is done weekly.

Is there any additional cost to me?

No. Every agreement is clear and transparent; there are no hidden fees. The most typical additional cost you may incur is mileage when you ask your caregiver to run errands in their vehicle.

Do you accept credit card payments?

Most SYNERGY HomeCare offices accept all major credit cards. Talk with your local office about available payment options.

Why would I hire a SYNERGY HomeCare caregiver versus a private caregiver for my family?

If you hire privately, you become the employer of the caregiver. The following are just a few of the things you must take into consideration when hiring privately.

  • Once you hire a caregiver privately, you are responsible for all state and federal payroll taxes.
  • You must obtain Workers Compensation Insurance or make sure your private caregiver comes with insurance. If not, you could be responsible for any injuries claimed to have happened while working at your home. How will you pay for any claims of disability if they are filed against you?
  • What happens if the private person doesn’t show up for work? Are you prepared to stay home and take care of your loved one?
  • If the care is for you, are you prepared to be left alone without care if the caregiver does not show up?
  • Are you capable of running a comprehensive, national criminal background check?
  • Is the private caregiver bonded against theft?
  • Who will supervise him/her?

These are only some of the challenges of hiring privately. With SYNERGY HomeCare, you do not have to worry about any of these issues.

What should I be looking for in a non-medical home care agency?

The best in-home care agencies respond immediately to your home care needs.

  • They should have someone available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.
  • They should guarantee that services will always be provided.
  • Their employees should be bonded against theft.
  • The attendants should be company employees, not contract employees. They should screen their employees and have national criminal background checks run on each of them.
  • No one should ever show up at your home without an introduction and agency identification.
  • They should provide periodic visits to your home to check on their employee and to make sure that you are happy with the services you’re receiving.

How long will it take to get a caregiver?

Based on your needs and requests, we can provide a caregiver immediately or at your convenience.

Can I help choose the caregiver and meet them in advance?

Yes. If requested, SYNERGY HomeCare will arrange a meeting with a caregiver of your choosing. If at any time or for any reason you want to change caregivers, we will do so at no charge until you are completely satisfied.

What happens if a caregiver is unable to show up for a scheduled shift?

Our Care Team approach means that if your family’s caregiver is unavailable for any reason, another caregiver is made available immediately.

How do you select my caregiver?

All of our caregivers have successfully passed a thorough reference and national criminal background check and are bonded and insured. We match your specific needs and requests to the skills and background of each caregiver to find the ideal companion.


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