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Caregiver Corner

Jerika CGOTM Web Sm

Jerika W. is the Caregiver of the Month for July

Jerika connects quickly with her clients and their families, and always provides the best care that she can, every shift. She motivates and encourages her clients, and tries to keep them as active as possible. She treats her clients as companions rather than patients. Jerika is always finding new ways to help maintain her clients' health, both physically and mentally. For example: She has taught one client with Alzheimers to write her thoughts down on a notebook that she carries. When Jerika gets there every afternoon, they go over each thought to make sure that each item is taken care of. This has become a routine.

We are so happy you are part of our team, Jerika! Thank you for all you do!

Aisha CGOTM Web Sm (2)

Aisha B. is the Caregiver of the Month for June

One of our first caregivers, Aisha is very intuitive with her clients and their needs. She's quick to report changes with her clients and offer suggestions to enhance their care. She's a team player and a big part of our Synergy family. She is patient and can adapt to any situation.

Thank you for being part of our team, Aisha! We appreciate everything you do!

Kiara Web 2

Kiara R. is the Caregiver of the Month for May

A nursing student, Kiara is very professional and a hard worker. She cares for her clients and genuinely seeks to improve their quality of life. Her reliability and willingness to help make Kiara a wonderful team member. She is a great communicator who ensures that all involved with a client's care are well informed.

Thank you for your good work, Kiara! We're happy you are on our team!

Noreen Web

Noreen R. is the Caregiver of the Month for April

Noreen genuinely wants to help both her clients and their families alike, and her kind heart is always apparent. She is not afraid to jump right in and make little changes that have a big impact to help her clients feel more comfortable.She has been called a "blessing" by the families she works with! As a team member, she is dependable, experienced, and willing to fill-in even when that effects her personal time. 

We appreciate your hard work, Noreen - thank you for being a part of our team!

Christine -caregiver -march -smaller -v3

Christine B. is the Caregiver of the Month for March

Christine's love and dedication to helping others shines through. She goes above and beyond to provide exceptional care to her clients, which makes them want to share their experience with others. In addition to being reliable, trustworthy and dependable, her humble, knowledgeable manner and nearly 20 years experience make Christine a delight to work with. For her current client, she has made tremendous impact in a short time, helping the family during the delicate transition of Mom moving in.

We appreciate your hard work, Christine - thank you for being a part of our team!

Jan Caregiver Of The Month

Carol W. is the January Caregiver of the Month

In the short time Carol has been with us, she has already made a positive impact on her client's lives and those of their family members. Her kind heart makes Carol genuinely want to improve her clients' quality of life. A paramedic for over 28 years, her experience and level of compassion consistently exceed client expectations. In addition, her reliability and level of professionalism make her wonderful team member.
We are so glad you joined us, Carol. Thank you for everything you do!

Lashay Caregiver Of The Month

Lashay B. is the December Caregiver of the Month

Lashay's willingness to help out in a pinch made her a natural choice for December's Caregiver of the Month. Over the holidays she picked up several shifts, even Christmas Eve, to ensure our clients' needs were met. Lashay's attention to communicating  with a client's expanded care team keeps everyone on the same page and is appreciated by both staff and family members. She is thoughtful and is always looking for ways to improve a client's care and quality of life. Her years of home care experience and positive attitude make her a valuable team member and pleasure to work with.
Thank you for everything you do, Lashay! 

IMG 4709

Gail M. is the November Caregiver of the Month

Our very first caregiver, Gail goes above and beyond to ensure the client is well cared for. She is creative and willing to find ways to meet the client's needs, especially when the solution is not obvious. Over the Thanksgiving holiday, Gail was available on short notice and gave up time and her personal commitments to provide care for a client. 
Gail has several years experience, and a positive spirit. Thank you, Gail, for your dedication to our clients and to helping our agency grow!

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Got Questions? Talk With Us.