Senior Care in Queen Creek AZ: How Can You Talk to Your Boss about Your Caregiving Journey?


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How Can You Talk to Your Boss about Your Caregiving Journey?

Senior Care in Queen Creek AZTalking to your employer about your caregiving journey with your elderly loved one may not feel like an easy discussion, but it's an important one to have.

Be Honest and Open about What's Going On

It's a good idea to go to your employer and be open about what you're dealing with at home. You don’t need to go into details, of course, but letting them know that your loved one needs care and that you're the one who is providing it can be the extent of what you share. The key here is to be open about why you might not be as available as you once were or that you may need changes to your duties.

Let Your Employer Know Your Job Matters to You

Just because you're now your loved one's primary family caregiver, that doesn't automatically mean that you don't care about your job any longer. Let your employer know during your discussion that your job is still important to you and that you're committed to making both situations work.

Work out Possible Solutions that Work for Both of You

Once you've opened the discussion with your employer, they may have more solutions than you could have anticipated. Many companies are open to allowing their employees to work from home remotely, for example. Other solutions might include offering you time off without penalties or adjusting your work hours to allow you to manage caregiving more effectively. You may be able to hire senior care providers for part of the day, allowing you to work your scheduled hours, and then come home to take over your caregiving duties.

Let Your Employer Know about Changes in Your Caregiving Journey

When there are significant changes to your caregiving experience, do your best to keep your employer updated. This ensures that you're able to access all of the assistance that your company has to offer, first, but it also keeps them informed if some of the changes in your life are going to affect your abilities to work for them.

Even though you're sharing a lot of information about your caregiving journey with your employer, you don't have to share every single detail. Some of what you're going through you can keep to yourself.

If you or an aging loved one is considering senior care in Queen Creek, AZ, please contact the caring staff at SYNERGY HomeCare today: 480-377-6770.

Mike Endredy, Owner
Mike has been involved with home care for the last 11 years as the owner of SYNERGY HomeCare of the East Valley (Phoenix AZ). 
Mike was brought to the home care industry like many folks through a need to care for my father near the end of his life. 
"Although my mother was the primary caregiver there was not a service to use that can offer relief for my mother and from 2,000 miles away I was not able to provide the care personally he needed.  It was however, a few years after my father's passing that I personally decided to change careers, leaving a career in engineering.  I have never looked back.  Making a difference in people's lives changes you more profoundly than anything and I love that experience.  In the eleven years of making a difference my exceptional team of caregivers and staff have made a difference through providing over 2 million hours worth of care.  This journey is just beginning.  Making a difference in somebody's life or a family members life is why I do what I do.  The hurdles, the heartbreak and the pain that comes makes me stronger and more determined to help another. " - Mike Endredy


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