Elder Care in Chandler AZ: How to Prepare Yourself For Alzheimer's Personality Changes


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How to Prepare Yourself For Alzheimer's Personality Changes

Personality changes are one part of Alzheimer's that family caregivers are not prepared for. When they hit, they can leave you feeling sad, angry, and anxious. When you have a mom or dad depending on you for some daily care, you have to shove aside the emotions and save them for a time when you're alone. Here are tips you can use to prepare yourself for the personality changes that go hand in hand with Alzheimer's.

Repeat “It's the Disease” as Your Mantra

You have to remember that the mood swings, depression, and apathy your parent experiences are the disease. You haven't done something to trigger that mood. If your mom is angry with you, it's the disease. If your mom suddenly hates a meal she just asked you to cook, it's not your cooking.

There's nothing that can stop the personality changes from happening. As the brain function deteriorates, you'll experience differences. Your mom may snap at you for no apparent reason. She may be extra sweet to your brother while calling you names. You just always have to blame Alzheimer's and not your mom.

Remember That She'll Forget Anything That Happened

Your mom just blew up at you. She called you names, pushed you away, and stormed off. Give her 10 minutes or less. She won't even remember many details if she even remembers something happened.

You can't bring it up later. She won't remember. Once she's forgotten, put it out of your mind as best you can.

Lie When Necessary

Sometimes, the best way to avoid conflict is to lie. If your mom is convinced the neighbor stole her lawn mower, go along with the story and tell her you contacted the authorities. If she's convinced she's out of sugar, even though you found a bag in the cupboard, tell her you'll buy some later.

You may need to go into the past with some of her frustrations. If she's upset that her sister took her jacket and you know her sister died, tell her you'll call her sister and get it returned. Don't try to correct her. It will only add fuel to her frustrations.

Be Prepared to Take Breaks

For your own sanity, you'll need to take breaks. Leave your mom's house. To do this, hire an elder care professional to sit with your mom. Go out with friends, go shopping, or go to the movies. You need to do this at least once a week.

Caregivers are prepared to help your mom with meals, grooming, and housekeeping. You don't have to hand over all of your mom's care to a caregiver, but you want to let the caregiver lighten your load. Call an elder care agency to discuss the services that help with Alzheimer's care.

If you or an aging loved one is considering elder care in Chandler, AZ, please contact the caring staff at SYNERGY HomeCare today: 480-377-6770.

Mike Endredy, Owner
Mike has been involved with home care for the last 11 years as the owner of SYNERGY HomeCare of the East Valley (Phoenix AZ). 
Mike was brought to the home care industry like many folks through a need to care for my father near the end of his life. 
"Although my mother was the primary caregiver there was not a service to use that can offer relief for my mother and from 2,000 miles away I was not able to provide the care personally he needed.  It was however, a few years after my father's passing that I personally decided to change careers, leaving a career in engineering.  I have never looked back.  Making a difference in people's lives changes you more profoundly than anything and I love that experience.  In the eleven years of making a difference my exceptional team of caregivers and staff have made a difference through providing over 2 million hours worth of care.  This journey is just beginning.  Making a difference in somebody's life or a family members life is why I do what I do.  The hurdles, the heartbreak and the pain that comes makes me stronger and more determined to help another. " - Mike Endredy


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