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Put Your Best Fork Forward

“Put Your Best Fork Forward” during National Nutrition Month in March. It is always important to take care of your health no matter what age you are, but especially as you grow older. As you age, you will need to keep up with eating healthy and staying active. Before changing up your eating habits and exercise routine, SYNERGY HomeCare encourages you to make sure to check with your health care professional.

According to, they persuade you to think nutrient-rich foods other than in terms of "bad" or "good" foods. Make sure the foods you choose to eat are filled with not only vitamins, but also fiber and minerals. Choose foods that are also low in calories. This will help you stay healthy and manage your weight properly. Don’t always eat the same food and ensure you eat variety of healthy foods. This will help you have all the nutrients that your body needs.

Healthy Foods

Your body needs all of the nutrients it can get to stay healthy. According to, you should be avoid salt, solid and trans fats, fast food, saturated fats, added sugars, and refined grains. Instead of those unhealthy foods, eat more of fruits and vegetables, healthy oils, lean protein, seafood, low-fat dairy, and whole grains. The outer shell, or “bran,” of a kernel of wheat, rice, barley, or other grains are richly filled with fiber, minerals, and vitamins. If you want to feel fuller on a lower calorie diet, fiber is your best choice. It also helps keep your bathroom visits regular. Don’t forget that drinking water for your certain weight will also help you stay healthy and maintain your weight.

Portion Sizes for Men & Women

The calories your body needs are different based on how active you are, your age, and your gender. Women who are inactive should have about 1,600-1,800 calories a day, but an active average-sized man should have anywhere from 2,400-2,800 calories per day. Here’s how to balance out your choice of healthy foods each day from

  • 3 cups of nonfat or low-fat dairy foods.
  • 1 ½ - 2 cups of fruit.
  • 5-8 ounces of grain, ½ from whole grains.
  • No more than 5-7 teaspoons of oils, mostly from plants, fish, and nuts.
  • 5-6 ½ ounces of protein (meat, beans, and seafood) each day.
  • 121 calories from solid fats and added sugars.
  • 2 ½ - 3 ½ cups of vegetables. also advises that you use salad plates for your dinner plates. This will help you eat smaller portions of food. If you drink a glass of water before you eat, this will also help you feel more full, making you eat less. Your body sometimes confuses hunger with thirst. You may seem hungry, but it’s really just your body telling you that you need to drink some water.

Doing these things will help you live a healthy lifestyle and also help you maintain your weight. Remember to check with your health care professional before you start making any changes.

Lori Whitesell

Lori is an owner of SYNERGY HomeCare in Tucson, AZ.

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Got Questions? Talk With Us.