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National Nutrition Week: Sep. 1 – 7, 2012

Part of proper nutrition is simply remembering to hydrate.   This link , from, discusses the importance of drinking enough water, and how our water intake affects the different parts of our body:

Water intake is important for your:

·          Brain

o    It keeps your memory sharp, mood stable, and motivation intact.

·          Mouth

o    Dry mouths can literally leave a bad taste in your mouth, and can even promote cavities!

·          Heart

o    Dehydration makes your heart work harder, making daily activities more difficult.

·          Bloodstream

o    Not getting enough water can cause you to stay hotter

·          Limbs

o    Water is important for lubricating joints

·          Skin

o    Severe dehydration causes your skin to become less elastic

·          Kidneys

o    Dehydration can set the stage for urinary tract infections and kidney stones, and severe dehydration can cause kidneys to stop working, causing toxin buildup in your body

Hydration is a relatively easy first step we can take in improving our nutritional habits.   It's also just one of the many ways Synergy HomeCare caregivers provide the best possible care for those who come to us for non-medical care at home.

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