10 Symptoms of Family Caregiver Stress- RIVERSIDE/ CORONA


10 Symptoms of Family Caregiver Stress- RIVERSIDE/ CORONA

Are you a family caregiver for your senior parent or aging loved one? Caregiving for a loved one can be extremely stressful, as family caregivers usually find themselves overworked and overwhelmed with responsibilities. Review the symptoms of caregiver stress below to learn if you’re experiencing high stress and anxiety levels caused by caring for your senior loved one.

  1. Denial about your senior parent’s aging or health status.
  2. Anger toward your senior parent for not being as independent as they once were.
  3. Social withdrawal from friends, family, and activities that you once enjoyed.
  4. Anxiety about the future.
  5. Depression that impacts your ability to cope and manage day-to-day activities.
  6. Exhaustion that makes it difficult to perform daily errands.
  7. Trouble sleeping.
  8. Irritability that leads to moodiness and triggers negative responses and actions.
  9. Lack of concentration.
  10. Mental and physical health problems.

The most taxing symptoms of caregiver stress include mental health issues (anxiety, depression, social withdrawal) and physical problems (blurred vision, high blood pressure, stomach irritation). If you experience any of these signs of family caregiver stress on a regular basis, make an appointment with your doctor and seek respite care services – SYNERGY HomeCare of Corona, Riverside, and Anaheim Hills is here to provide you with relief and provide your senior loved one with quality, compassionate care.

SYNERGY HomeCare of Corona, Riverside, and Anaheim Hills respite senior care services provide support to you – the family caregiver – by allowing you to take much needed and deserved rest. Respite care services allow you to spend time with friends and family, run errands, and relax. As a family caregiver, it’s critical that you take time to care for yourself.

Seeking respite care services also provides benefits to your senior parent, as respite care services offer your aging loved one living with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, or a different chronic health issue the opportunity to socialize and interact with friendly, professional, and trained caregivers. SYNERGY Homecare Corona, Riverside, and Anaheim Hills respite care services include:

Personal assistance care: Help with bathing, showering, using the restroom, getting in and out of bed, wheelchairs, etc.

Errands and transportation services: Driving to the doctor’s office, picking up prescriptions, going grocery shopping, etc.

Meal assistance: Complete and nutritious meal planning, preparing, and cleanup.

Light housekeeping: Assistance with laundry, ironing, changing linens, kitchen/bathroom cleaning and organizing, etc.

Companionship: Encouraging friendly and supportive conversation, active thinking (structuring pastimes, hobbies and games), light exercise, etc.

Calling SYNERGY HomeCare of Corona, Riverside, and Anaheim Hills is the first step toward ensuring the best care for both you and your senior loved one. Once you and your family begin to enjoy the benefits of respite care, make sure that you continue to alleviate your stress with the following tips:

  • Take care of yourself. Visit your doctor regularly. Try to eat well, exercise, and get plenty of rest. Making sure that you are healthy can help you be a better family member, friend, and caregiver.
  • Get moving. Physical activity can help reduce stress and improve overall wellness. Even 10 minutes of exercise a day can help. Take a walk or do an activity you love, such as gardening or dancing.
  • Eat well. Heart-healthy eating patterns, such as the Mediterranean diet, are good for enhancing overall health. A Mediterranean diet includes relatively little red meat and emphasizes whole grains, fruits, vegetables, fish, nuts, olive oil, and other healthy fats.

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