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Restroom Relief and Incontinence Care Support- CORONA, CA

Most deem the restroom as a personal and private sanctuary, and consider restroom-related bodily functions embarrassing, inappropriate, and even socially taboo.   Unfortunately, these notions of restroom-related issues may be causing your elderly parent to hide, avoid, or ignore their bowel and bladder problems.

Understandably, your loved one may not want to discuss, share, or depend on you if they have bowel and bladder issues.   If you feel that your loved one suffers from incontinence or struggles with restroom care and cleanliness consider hiring a Synergy HomeCare caregiver to provide your parent with comfort and privacy when dealing with these issues.

Symptoms of incontinence (the involuntary leakage of urine/the inability to control one's bowels) include:

·          Leaking when you cough, sneeze, bend down, exercise, or lift

·          Dampness in your underwear

·          Dribbling small amounts of urine

·          Passing urine more than eight times in 24 hours

·          Waking up at night more than three times to pass urine

·          Wetting the bed

·          Suffering from constipation

·          Having episodes of diarrhea

*Adnominal pressure on the bladder, weak pelvic muscles in the pelvic floor, or weak sphincter muscles cause incontinence to occur.   If your parent suffers from incontinence and needs privacy when tackling the issue, consider hiring a Synergy HomeCare caregiver to help manage and improve the problem.

Also consider hiring a caregiver if your loved one does not suffer from incontinence, but struggles with other bladder and bowel related issues or struggles to use the restroom independently.   Synergy caregivers "have been trained to assist your family member with the utmost respect, professionalism, and sensitivity to privacy," and perform minimal to full restroom assistance.   Caregivers also help maintain safe, clean, and sanitized restroom facilities.

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About Synergy Homecare

Synergy HomeCare of Inland Empire is the name you can trust in Corona, Norco, Riverside, Chino, Chino Hills, Diamond Bar for personal home care.  Synergy HomeCare of the Inland Empire SW is part of a national franchise of non-medical home care offices dedicated to providing exceptional and affordable service to anyone of any age.  Synergy HomeCare caregivers are available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, to those in need - including seniors, expectant moms, those suffering from sports injuries and debilitating illnesses, and more.  For additional information, please visit /inlandempiresw or call us at 951-280-9808.

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