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The Challenges of Caring for Someone with Parkinson’s Disease- CORONA, CA

April is Parkinson's Awareness Month, and Synergy HomeCare of Inland Empire SW understands the daily struggles that your loved one endures while living with Parkinson's disease. Unfortunately, not only those with Parkinson's disease suffer - loved ones and family caregivers suffer too.

What are the special challenges of caring for a loved one with Parkinson's disease? The National Parkinson Foundation helps us address this question:

·          The incidence and severity of Parkinson's disease symptoms varies from day to day, even from one time of day to another. It takes skill and patience to know when to assist with a task, and when to simply allow your loved one more time to do the task independently.

·          It also takes time and ongoing education to learn the multiple symptoms of Parkinson's disease, as well as the complicated medication regimes that offer the most symptom relief and improve quality of life.

·          Family caregivers must closely observe their loved one with Parkinson's over time to detect and respond helpfully to subtle changes in motor (how we move) and mood (how we think and feel).

·          Your loved one's awareness of changing abilities and health risks (such as falling) may not have "caught up" to his or her actual level of risk and impairment.

·          Friends and family members who have infrequent contact with your loved one with Parkinson's often underestimate the severity of day-to-day symptoms as well as your level of caregiver burden.

·          Providing physical care to a loved one with advanced Parkinson's disease, such as re-positioning or bathing, can be exhausting and even cause injury.


If you or a loved one struggles with caring for a family member who suffers from Parkinson's disease, consider hiring a Synergy HomeCare caregiver to help alleviate the stresses and burdens of family caregiving.


Synergy Parkinson's caregivers have experience and training in caring for Parkinson's patients, have full insurance and bonding for your elderly parent's safety, and undergo national criminal background checks for your peace of mind.

Synergy caregivers can offer moderate assistance to full-time care. Your loved one's Parkinson's Companionship Care Plan can include:

·          Companionship, calming anxiety, and stress

·          Medication reminders

·          Light exercise encouragement

·          Fall and injury prevention and home safety

·          Coordination and scheduling with physical therapy

·          Change in condition alerts

·          Assistance with bathing, dressing, and personal care

·          Housekeeping, meal preparation, and nutrition

·          Transportation and scheduling of doctor's appointments

·          Routine wellness visits and relief care for families

·          Sleep over - a Parkinson's caregiver on stand-by through the night

·          Around-the-clock 24 hour care

Parkinson's disease does not have a known cure, which can be a daunting and emotional truth to face. Synergy's compassionate caregivers serve as friendly companions who work to fulfill your loved one's needs. Synergy caregivers strive to reduce stress on individuals and family members affected by Parkinson's disease, and work to help your elderly parent live with dignity and independence.


About SYNERGY HomeCare
Synergy HomeCare of Inland Empire is the name you can trust in Corona, Norco, Riverside, Chino, Chino Hills, Diamond Bar for personal home care.  Synergy HomeCare of the Inland Empire SW is part of a national franchise of non-medical home care offices dedicated to providing exceptional and affordable service to anyone of any age.  Synergy HomeCare caregivers are available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, to those in need - including seniors, expectant moms, those suffering from sports injuries and debilitating illnesses, and more.  Synergy HomeCare of Inland Empire Southwest can be found online at The location also hosts active social media pages on Facebook and Twitter. Ken and Anna can be reached at 951-280-9808 and [email protected] .

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