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Hyperthermia—Causes, Symptoms, and Solutions- CORONA, CA

The arrival of the sizzling summer sun encourages individuals to participate in outdoor activities and provides the body with beneficial vitamin D.  Unfortunately, the summer solstice also produces extreme summer heat; heat that may be harmful to your elderly loved one.

Extreme summer heat can place the elderly and those with chronic medical conditions at an increased risk for developing Hyperthermia, a heat-related illness that occurs as a result of heat exposure. 

Ultimately, Hyperthermia is the overheating of the body, and relates to heat-related illnesses such as heat stroke, heat exhaustion, heat cramps, heat syncope (dizziness), and heat rash.  Signs and symptom of Hyperthermia include elevated body temperature, headache, nausea, weakness, dizziness, fainting, muscle cramps, and coma. Extreme summer heat, or short periods of high temperatures, can cause or enhance serious health problems.

Your elderly loved one may enjoy hobbies and tasks such as gardening, walking, or even light household maintenance.  However, completing these tasks in extreme summer heat may put your elderly family member at risk.

The arrival of summer heat should not hinder the ability of the elderly to complete hobbies or participate in outdoor activities.  However, if your loved one lives alone and enjoys spending time outside, the summer heat may increase their risk for developing Hyperthermia. 

If you fear that your family member is vulnerable in the summer heat, and yet you still want them to feel independent and enjoy their outdoor hobbies, consider hiring a SYNERGY HomeCare caregiver to assist them with outdoor gardening or to accompany them on walks or encourage light exercise. 

Caregivers help allow your family member to execute and enjoy their hobbies and tasks safely, while still feeling independent.  In order to fight the summer heat and prevent hyperthermia and other heat-related illnesses, encourage your loved one to stay hydrated, wear sunscreen, limit their alcohol and caffeine intake, and consider hiring a SYNERGY HomeCare caregiver.

*Information derived from USA Today article “Summer heat brings dangers for seniors” and

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