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New Year’s Resolution: Get Healthy, Stay Healthy- CORONA/ RIVERSIDE

With the ornaments packed, Christmas lights down and last few holiday sweets decorating candy dishes and cookie platters, most people now focus their energy and efforts on crafting their New Year’s Resolutions. The top New Year’s Resolutions include: lose weight, get organized, save more money, quit smoking and spend more time with family. Roughly 50 percent of Americans make New Year’s Resolutions; of that group, only 8 percent of people report success in achieving their resolutions, according to Statistic Brain.

It’s difficult to maintain an unrealistic New Year’s Resolution – exercising an hour a day or earning more money may be admirable goals, but are they sustainable for your lifestyle? Continuing enthusiasm for an unattainable resolution is counterproductive and can lead to perceptions of failure – especially once the New Year’s Eve champagne is drank and confetti swept. This year, focus on a resolution worthy of keeping – health for you and your loved ones.

Don’t focus too heavily on “dieting.” Instead, incorporate healthy, tasty foods into your family’s lifestyle. Listed below are a few healthy eating starting points:

  • Make at least half your grains whole grains: Replace your white bread or bagels with 100 percent whole-wheat bread or bagels, choose brown rice as a side dish or try whole-wheat pasta with your favorite spaghetti sauce. Looking for a healthy snack? Try lightly salted popcorn or 100 percent whole-wheat or rye crackers.
  • Vary your veggies: Incorporate colorful vegetables into every meal. Make eating vegetables easy – pre-cut and package bell peppers, carrots or broccoli so that you can easily enjoy them on a salad, with hummus or in a veggie wrap.  Use frozen vegetables for dinner side dishes if you don’t have time to clean, chop and steam – frozen vegetables are quick, easy and just as nutritious as fresh vegetables.
  • Focus on fruit: Keep fruits visible! Stock a bowl of apples, oranges or bananas on the kitchen table or counter. Wash fruits before putting them away – this eliminates a step and makes grabbing the healthy snack easier. Try variety – dried fruits such as raisins, cranberries and apples are great for a mid-day snack, and frozen fruits are great for morning smoothies.
  • Incorporate calcium-rich foods: Choose fat-free (skim) or low-fat milk and yogurts. Top fruit salads and baked potatoes with low-fat yogurt, instead of sour cream. Look for reduced-fat or low-fat cheeses.
  • Go lean with protein: Choose lean or low-fat cuts of meat and trim or drain fat from meat and remove poultry skin. Eat salmon, trout or herring twice a week. Incorporate beans, peas, nuts and soy into your dinners. Unsalted nuts and seeds are a high-protein snack. Turkey, roast beef, tuna and peanut butter are high-protein options for sandwiches.

A healthy diet and exercise go hand-in-hand, so remember to move this year – take a light morning jog before work, take the stairs instead of the elevator, go for a brisk walk during your lunch break, put some hand weights near your TV. Mowing the lawn or even gardening count as exercise too, so get outside! Try to incorporate 30-minutes of movement into your daily routine.

You have all the tools to stay healthy in 2015, but does your senior parent? You most likely visited with your parent this holiday season – did they appear happy and healthy? You probably evaluated your loved one’s quality of life during the past few weeks, and may have noticed some alarming truths. Was your parent thinner, weaker and less mobile? Was their home less warm and welcoming, in need of professional cleaning and repair? Did their vehicle have noticeable scratches, dings and dents?

These signs probably lead you to worry about your love one’s health and safety. If you are unable to care for your parent every day, consider contacting Synergy HomeCare Corona/Riverside. Our caregivers provide a wide range of assistance to ensure that your parent lives a healthy, safe life. From companionship to personal care, Synergy HomeCare’s services will help you and your parent achieve a healthy 2015. Our caregivers offer:

  • Light housekeeping and errand services
  • Exercise encouragement and light gardening assistance
  • Friendly and supportive conversation
  • Personal hygiene assistance
  • Medication reminders
  • Transportation
  • Meal planning, grocery shopping and nutritious meal preparation

Synergy HomeCare caregivers can help alleviate stress for you and your loved one, which will certainly help your family enjoy a healthier, happier new year!     

About SYNERGY HomeCare of Corona/ Riverside
SYNERGY HomeCare of Corona/ Riverside is the name you can trust in Corona, Norco, Riverside, Chino, Chino Hills, Diamond Bar for personal home care. Synergy HomeCare of Corona/ Riverside is part of a national franchise of non-medical home care offices dedicated to providing exceptional and affordable service to anyone of any age.  Synergy HomeCare caregivers are available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, to those in need - including seniors, expectant moms, those suffering from sports injuries and debilitating illnesses, and more.  Synergy HomeCare of Corona & Riverside can be found online at The location also hosts active social media pages on Facebook and Twitter. Ken and Anna can be reached at 951-280-9808 and [email protected] .



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