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Lifestyle change your way to a healthy heart this February- RIVERSIDE/ CORONA

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women, with about 610,000 deaths in the United States each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Nearly 740,000 Americans suffer from a heart attack each year.

High blood pressure, high LDL cholesterol and smoking are key risk factors for heart disease, according to the CDC. Nearly 50 percent of Americans have at least one of these risk factors. Other risk factors such as medical conditions and unhealthy lifestyle choices can increase the risk for developing heart disease, including diabetes, obesity, diets high in sodium, lack of exercise and excessive alcohol use.

We at Synergy HomeCare Corona/Riverside believe that it’s never too late to make a lifestyle change. Dedicate your time to fight America’s heart disease burden this February, which is also known as American Heart Month. Don’t let yourself and your loved ones suffer from unhealthy lifestyle choices. Protect your heart, protect your health and protect your family by following these simple heart-healthy tips:

  • If you’re taking prescribed medications, follow your doctor’s instructions and report if you suffer side effects
  • Eat a healthy diet that is low in salt, total fat, saturated fat and cholesterol, and rich in fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Exercise regularly, or incorporate three 10-minute walks into your daily routine, five days a week
  • Don’t smoke 

If you fear that your elderly loved one is susceptible to heart attack or stroke and is leading an unhealthy lifestyle, contact Synergy HomeCare. Our trained caregivers can help support your senior parent work toward a healthy heart with diet, meal planning and meal preparation assistance, medication reminders, exercise encouragement and transportation to-and-from doctor’s appointments. Synergy caregivers can ensure that your loved one receives high quality, compassionate support. If your parent lives alone and appears to be sedentary and lacking energy, check their refrigerator – if the refrigerator lacks fruits and vegetables and is dominated by salty snacks and frozen dinners, your loved one needs exercise and mealtime support. Let us help your loved one work toward a heart-healthy lifestyle – call Synergy HomeCare today.

Do you know the major warning signs of a heart attack? About 30 percent of people do not know the warning signs and symptoms of a heart attack, and about 47 percent of sudden cardiac deaths occur outside a hospital, according to the CDC. Remember these signs and symptoms so that you can be prepared in the event of an emergency, and always call 9-1-1 is someone you know or love is suffering from any one of these symptoms:

  • Chest pain or discomfort
  • Upper body pain or discomfort in the arms, back, neck, jaw or upper stomach
  • Shortness of breath
  • Nausea, lightheadedness or cold sweats

About SYNERGY HomeCare of Corona/ Riverside
Synergy HomeCare of Corona/ Riverside is the name you can trust in Corona, Norco, Riverside, Chino, Chino Hills, Diamond Bar for personal home care. Synergy HomeCare of Corona/ Riverside is part of a national franchise of non-medical home care offices dedicated to providing exceptional and affordable service to anyone of any age.  Synergy HomeCare caregivers are available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, to those in need - including seniors, expectant moms, those suffering from sports injuries and debilitating illnesses, and more.  Synergy HomeCare of Corona & Riverside can be found online at The location also hosts active social media pages on Facebook and Twitter. Ken and Anna can be reached at 951-280-9808 and [email protected] .

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