Aphasia: Causes and Support for Seniors- RIVERSIDE/ CORONA


Aphasia: Causes and Support for Seniors- RIVERSIDE/ CORONA

“Aphasia is a disorder that results from damage to portions of the brain that are responsible for language,” according to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders. “For most people, these areas are on the left side of the brain. Aphasia usually occurs suddenly, often following a stroke or head injury, but it may also develop slowly, as the result of a brain tumor or a progressive neurological disease.” An individual with aphasia can struggle with speaking, reading, writing, and understanding language. According to the Cleveland Clinic, signs and symptoms of aphasia include:

  • Trouble naming objects, places, events, or people even though they are known to the person
  • Trouble expressing oneself (finding the right words) when speaking or writing
  • Trouble understanding conversation
  • Trouble reading and spelling
  • Leaving out small words like “the” from speech
  • Putting words in the wrong order
  • Being unaware of mistakes in one’s language
  • Speaking only in short phrases or single words
  • Making up words, saying the wrong word, or mixing up sounds in words
  • Speech limited to only a few words or repeating the same words or phrases
  • Trouble putting words together to write sentences
  • Trouble using numbers or doing math

Does your senior parent live with aphasia due to complications from a stroke or head injury? Aphasia can significantly impact your senior parent’s quality of life. Communication and language barriers can affect their day-to-day function and may lead to embarrassment, depression, and isolation. If your senior parent lives alone and struggles with symptoms of aphasia, call SYNERGY HomeCare of Corona, Riverside, or Anaheim Hills. SYNERGY HomeCare’s highly skilled and compassionate in-home caregivers can provide your senior parent with emotional support, companionship, and transportation to support groups, social activities, and doctor and speech therapy appointments. SYNERGY HomeCare’s in-home caregivers also provide a wide range of home care services, including:


  • Adapting your parent’s home environment to enhance safety and independence
  • Providing transportation for medical, community, and social appointments
  • Providing reminders for medication
  • Providing enhanced social activities appropriate to the needs of your parent
  • Offering meal planning and preparation to ensure good nutritional support
  • Providing personal care services including grooming, personal hygiene, and dressing
  • Helping with household tasks


“Family involvement is often a crucial component of aphasia treatment because it enables family members to learn the best way to communicate with their loved one,” according to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders. If your aging parent lives with aphasia, consider providing support by:

  • Participating in therapy sessions, if possible
  • Simplifying language by using short, uncomplicated sentences
  • Repeating the content words or writing down key words to clarify meaning as needed
  • Maintaining a natural conversational manner appropriate for an adult
  • Minimizing distractions, such as a loud radio or TV
  • Including your aging parent in conversations
  • Encouraging any type of communication, whether it is speech, gesture, pointing, or drawing
  • Avoiding correcting your parent’s speech
  • Allowing your senior parent plenty of time to talk

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