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Does your loved one need
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We can help keep your loved one stay in their home longer

There will be a day when you'll need to talk with your aging mom or dad about long term care, possibly in a skilled nursing facility.  Until that day, you can keep them in the comfort of their own home, their familiar surroundings, for as long as they can be comfortable.

We provide compassionate personal care assistance to keep your loved one in their own home for as long as possible. We find that seniors who receive personal care help are able to maintain their dignity and peace of mind longer, knowing someone will be there who they can count on.

Here are our most common requests for personal care assistance:

Standby Assistance with Morning & Evening Routine
From help out of bed to grooming and dressing assistance, to a nutritious breakfast, a caregiver can be there every step so the day gets started right. A good night's rest is essential to a healthy lifestyle. SYNERGY caregivers can assist with evening hygiene routines to help ensure a restful night.

Transfer Assistance
If your loved one struggles with getting in and out of bed or a wheelchair, our assisted living caregivers have specialized training in how to safely provide this home care assistance.

Bathing & Showering Assistance
Bathing and showering, a daily essential for good personal hygiene, may be difficult or unsafe for your loved one to do alone. Bathtubs and showers can be dangerously slippery places, but we can provide the help your family member needs as part of our in-home personal care.

Assistance with Dressing
If your loved one struggles with getting dressed and undressed, either in or out of bed, our personal care services include help with this task, ensuring your family member can look and feel their best.

Personal Appearance Care
No matter the number of years an aging parent has lived, they still take pride in their appearance. As part of our personal care services, we can help them look their best with hair care and other grooming tasks.

Incontinence Care
Our personal caregivers are specially trained on how to provide care for aging or disabled family members who suffer from occasional or frequent incontinence. For people who have problems controlling their urine or bowels, keeping the skin clean and dry is important for good health.

What type care is needed?

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We can provide options in terms of care plans for your loved one. Feel free to call to get answers to your questions. There's no obligation, just sound advice for your situation. We're available 24 hours. 

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