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Senior Fall Prevention Tips

Senior Fall Prevention

Fall -Prevention -Pic

In San Diego County there are over 117,000 falls a year for seniors age 65 and older, and are the leading cause of injury and disability. Every 30 hours a senior in San Diego County dies from a fall.  Preventing falls is important to help seniors continue to live independently and prevent injury.

There are many ways a senior can fall, but the most common is tripping, stumbling, or falling on a flat surface. San Diego hospital ER departments treat 2 seniors every hour for a fall related injury. Many of these types of falls can lead to injuries like fractures and having the senior require assistance from family members or caregivers.

Fall Prevention Tips:

-          Remove items from the floor that may be a tripping hazard

-          Remove rugs from floors or add double-sided tape help keep them in place

-          Install handrails and lights in all stairwells

-          Place non-slip mats in showers and bathroom floors

-          Keep frequently used items that are stored in cabinets where they can be reached without a stool

-          Make sure lighting throughout the house is bright

-          Wear shoes instead of slippers inside the home for better traction

-          Be aware of how medications affect you, some can cause dizziness

-          Have an annual eye exam

-          Exercise to help build strength in legs


Synergy Homecare can come to your home and do a fall risk assessment click on the link below:




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Got Questions? Talk With Us.