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20 Ways to Boost Your Noodle

  • Snack on almonds and blueberries instead of a candy bar. As they lower blood sugar, healthy snacks can improve cognition.
  • Ballroom dance like the stars. Dancing is a brain-power activity.
  • Use walnuts on your salad instead of croutons.  Omega-3s in walnuts have been found to improve mood and calm inflammation that may lead to brain-cell death. 
  • Volunteer to answer questions at the library, museum or hospital. Playing tour guide forces you to learn new facts and think on your feet, helping to form new neural pathways in your brain.
  • Take your dog-or yourself for a walk. Walking for just 20 minutes a day can lower blood sugar and help stoke blood flow to the brain, so you think more clearly.
  • Drink two cups of gotu kola tea daily. This ayervedic herb, used for centuries in India, regulates dopamine.  Dopamine is the brain chemical that helps protect brain cells from harmful free radicals, boosts pleasurable feelings, and improves focus and memory.
  • Get support for stressors.  You may love your ailing family member, but the chronic stress of facing the situation alone can shrink your brain's memory center.  Interacting with others activates many parts of the brain-and learning new ways of coping forms new neural connections.
  • Check your thyroid.  It's a tiny little gland in your neck, but it could have a big effect on brain health.
  • Wear a helmet.  Riding your bike is great for your health-until you fall and get a concussion.
  • Turn up the tunes.  TV may provide a lot of stimuli, but watching too much can dull brain transmissions.  Instead, spend an afternoon listening to your favorite music.
  • Curry Up.  The active ingredient in Indian curry, turmeric, contains resveratrol, the same powerful antioxidant that makes red wine good for brain health.
  •  Get some class.  Live near a college?  Research shows that taking courses-even just auditing them-can stave off dementia at an early age.
  • Sip red wine-judiciously.  Up to two glasses for women and up to three for men weekly delivers the powerful antioxidant reseveratrol which may prevent free radicals from damaging brain cells.
  • Sleep.  Your brain consolidates memories during sleep.  Poor sleep, caused by medical conditions, worry, depression, or insomnia, can interfere with your rest.
  • Take a mental picture.  Connect names with faces by creating mental images that trick your mind into remembering.
  • Read the news.  Keeping up with the latest not only activates the memory part of the brain but also gives you something to talk about with friends and family.
  • Go wild with fish. While fish is generally good for you, the metals that accumulate in farmed fish like tilapia may contribute to cognitive impairments. So, when you're shopping, check that the fish is from the wild, not domestically raised.  Salmon and Sardines are heart healthy as well.
  • Play Yahtzee!  Whether you choose Risk, Pictionary, Scrabble or Boggle, board games are associated with lower risk of developing dementia.
  • Replace your salt shaker with a sodium-free alternative.  We all know that hypertension can lead to heart problems, but new evidence suggests that decreasing the salt in your diet can also improve blood flow to the brain and decrease dementia.
  • Check your meds.  It may not be you having the memory problems, instead, it could be your medications impeding your memory.

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