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Caring for Memory Loss (1)

One symptom of both Alzheimer's and dementia is memory loss. With the progression of the disease, it becomes increasingly difficult for one to remember people, places or things. The person may not remember members of their family, how to get home or forget the passing of certain family members. Care for a loved one with memory loss requires paitience and understanding. 

Memory loss can be very frustrating, leading to confusion and possibly anger. This may be mild at first, but can grow along with the memory loss. Severe memory loss may result in the inablity to remmeber how to eat or dress themselves. Others may forget the date or time of year or where they are. It is important to treat your loved ones with care when they are having a hard time remembering things. These situations can be difficult for family members or caregivers, but there are some ways to help:

  1. Keep responses brief, long explanations can be confusing or overwhelming
  2. Remain calm 
  3. Be careful to avoid making harsh-sounding corrections
  4. Speak in a calm and understanding tone
  5. Use photographs or memory aids if neccessary
  6. Avoid getting frustrated
  7. Remember they are frustrated as well, so speak with love and support


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