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7 Nutrition Tips for Seniors

For seniors, eating right is vital! At Synergy HomeCare Coastal Cities, we care about the health and nutrition of your loved ones! It's about more than just keeping your body healthy, but a healthy diet is a good place to start! A healthy body is a healthy mind, and as you age it is important to care for both.

Eating right benefits not only the body, but one's mental health, helps speed up healign processes, and increases energy. Less nutritious foods can decrease energy and make one lazy or lethargic.

Here are seven tips for a well rounded and healthy diet:

 1. Decrease Sodium Intake

Salt makes it harder to retain water and can increase blood sugar. 

Try: Foods with low sodium labels, and season with spices and herbs instead of salt

2. Eat Good Fats

Protect your body against heart disease!

Try: olive oil, avacados, salmon, walnuts

3. Increase Fiber

Lower your risk of heart diesase, stroke and diabetes

Try: fruits, veggies, whole grain and nuts

4. Avoid Bad Carbs

Stay away from simple carbs such as white bread, they cause short fading burts of energy that don't last long.

Try: whole grains, beans and fruit

5. Watch Out for Sugars

Foods such as breads and canned soup don't sound liek they would contain lots of sugar, but that isn't the case! Look out for other words that mean sugar, such as dextrose, maltose and corn syrup.

Try: fresh veggies, low carb or sugar free breads and pastas

6. Cook Food Correctly

Boiling food can drain it of the most important part, the nutrients.

Try: steamign or sauteing in oil

7. Keep it Colorful

A varied diet is important, one way to ensure that is to count your colors. Try and have 5 different colors on your plate to make sure you're covering all the right nutrients.

Try: melons, blueberries, tomatoes, yams and spinach

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Got Questions? Talk With Us.