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6 Exercising Tips for Seniors

For all ages, exercise is important for staying healthy. At Synergy HomeCare Coastal Cities we believe that your loved one's physical health is as important as their mental health, because the two tend to work togehter. Exercising stimulates both!

Here are several tips for seniors when exercising:

1. Check With your Doctor

As you age, certain types of activities are too strenuous. Check with your doctor about your current health condition, as well as the effects of any medication you are taking. 

2. Find the Right Activity

Some people prefer running, others prefer gardening. It's all about finding the activity that fits you! Here at Synergy HomeCare Coastal Cities, we encourage sampling a couple of acitivities to find that perfect fit!

3. Start Slow

If you haven't exercised in awhile, your body may not be ready to go full speed just yet. Start with a few minutes and work your way up!

4. Stay Positive

Settign short term goals are important and ecoruages you to keep going! Long term goals such as weight loss can be harder to reach and often discouraging. Focus on improving your mood or going just a little bit longer each day!

5. Warm Up and Cool Down

It's important not to drive straight into exercising, especially if your body isn't used to it.

6. Be Prepared

Dress accoordingly and stay hydrated!

There are plenty of great activities available for seniors that aren't too strenuous. Due to our location along the Coastal Cities, jogging or walking on the beach is a great option for some! But if that isn't right for you, give swimming, gardening, water arobics, yoga, fitness classes, flexibility or balance activities a try!

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