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Help for New and Expectant Moms

Homecare is available to new and expectant moms, but it is a hidden resource.   My memories of my pregnancies (severe hyperemesis) and the time after the birth of my children reminds me of how a little help can go a long way.    A mom could be put on bed rest (I was!), unable to make meals for her own children (I was!), unable to keep the house in a livable state (I was!), unable to drive herself to the doctor (I was!), have a difficult recovery (I did!) or be overwhelmed and unable to care for herself and the house after the baby is born (I was!). 

We are able to help mothers through all of those situations. 

With both my kids, my mother came to help right before the due date and stayed for the first month.  She flew in and didn't actually come to take care of the baby.  She took care of me.  She made sure that I had decent meals, and time to shower and nap.  She provided companionship to me and delighted in all the new baby developments with me.   She knew I wanted to be the one to care for my baby, but having her around to be sure I did not neglect myself was invaluable.  I remember my mom saying "if you don't eat, you won't give your baby what he needs".  She'd silently bring me glasses of water to ensure I had enough to make all the milk that was needed.  She did so many little things that together made a big difference.    I don't know how I would have gotten through it without her help.

But not everyone is as fortunate to have mom drop everything to spend a month at their home when they have a baby.  We can fill in where a family member may not be able to - we can help plan and make meals, do light housekeeping, do the laundry (they will be so much more of it!), encourage fluids, go grocery shopping, run errands, assist in caring for other children, drive mom and baby to follow-up appointments, help with the baby, help with mom's personal care, provide companionship, and give mom some "me" time.   We can even come in for overnight relief so you can actually get a full night's sleep.

You'll see what a difference a helping hand can make!   If a family member cannot be there to help, finding help is easier than you think.  Visit for help, or call 650-703-6087.

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