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Special Occasions

We received a call from the daughter of one of our former clients.  We took care of this client until he moved to an Assisted Living Facility, and the family had been very happy with our services.  The daughter said she was getting married and had resigned herself to getting married without her father there.  She said his dementia had progressed to the point that he would be unpredictable and may have to leave the festivities early.  And she couldn't ask any of the family members to be responsible for him because they would probably miss some or most of the wedding and reception.  She asked me if any of his prior caregivers were available.  I told her that none were, but I would do what I could to free one of them up to assist her father so that he could be there for as much as possible of her special day.

It took a bit of "puzzling" as we call it.  To free up the caregiver, we had to replace her at Client A with another caregiver who knew that client.  But that caregiver was supposed to be with client B, which meant we had to replace her with someone else who new client B, and that other caregiver was free!  Once we explaine the situation, the caregivers were very willing to accommodate the request, no matter how much it inconvenienced them.  Everyone wants to help make a happy occasion happier!

Our caregiver was able to care one-on-one for the father, who attended the entire wedding, and was driven by our caregiver to the reception site.  He stayed for part of the reception and when he started getting tired, the caregiver took him back to his facility.  The family was very grateful and we were very happy to have made this work.

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