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School holidays

We brace ourselves for school holidays - Veteran's Day, Columbus Day, MLK Jr Day, President's Day.  Because day care centers and schools are often closed on these days, but parents still have to work, we routinely get 5-10 requests for back-up care on these days.  We try to staff these on top of our regular case-load, and the requests come in quickly, so it creates a bit of a frenzy.

Most of our caregivers have experience caring not just for the elderly but also for children.  They welcome the break from their regular type of work to spend the day playing with children, and going to the park.

We are also available for any other back-up needs for elderly and child care.  We get many cases for when a nany goes on vacation, day care is closed, nanny is sick, the child is mildly ill and can't go to day care/school, etc.  This happens year-round.

There are a lot of companies that offer back-up care as a benefit to their employees.  So this could be available to you at no cost, it's just a phone call to get a case set up.  We have a contract with a company that does this, and are listed as one of their "Preferred Providers".  Many of the employers in our area have a contract with them.

We've spoken with a few of the employees who have used us and they said that a lot of their co-workers have no idea this benefit exists.  So, check with your company to see if they have it, and since we've done so many cases, we could also tell you if we've serviced a case for your company.

Just don't panic if you have that big presentation on a day that your regular care arrangement falls through!  We can often staff a case within a couple of hours.

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