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Capture your Loved One’s Life and Experience in Custom Produced Video Biographies

Robert Brilliant is one of my business associates, the owner of RB productions, and I have seen some great work done by him. We recently discussed some of what he does for seniors and their families and I asked him for information to share with my families.  What he told me hit home because the last time my parents visited, I had planned an interview with them, in which my kids were the interviewers of their grandparents.  I recorded all the questions, but…  I have done nothing with the video footage.  Robert will be helping me make this into something that I can present to them and have for the rest of the family as well.  I am very excited about that!  While I had what I thought was a great idea (and it was - my kids were very engaged in the process, and my parents felt very special), the lack of follow-through by me (really because I didn't know how to make it look good) really emphasizes why it's great that Robert takes it from beginning to end in a professional way.


RB Productions offers a service called the "Video Biography." This is an interview program with a family member, often a senior family member, in which that person answers questions that explores and examines their life in such a way that viewers can come to understand and know that person. Think of Video Biographies as "time capsules" that capture and preserve the most important qualities of a person, as told to the viewer by that very person him or herself. Over time these Biographies became treasured mementos and are a significant component of any thoughtful and meaningful legacy planning.


The Video Biography production process if fairly straightforward. First Robert meets with the subject or the subject's family to build a list of 8 to 10 important questions. The recording session can happen at the subject's residence or even outside at a favorite location, weather and other factors permitting. The recording session generally takes about 90 minutes and we can record several takes to ensure the best responses. Robert then edit the "raw" footage into a DVD that's typically 20 minutes in length. Family photographs, films, and videos can also be incorporated into the Biography to illustrate topics as appropriate. About a month after the recording session the finished Video Biography DVD is ready for delivery. Additional copies can be made for friends and family members and Robert can also post the Biography to YouTube for broad distribution.


Video Biographies vary in price but generally they run in the $800 to $1000 range to produce. If you have a senior family member that you'd like to feature in their own Video Biography, please contact Robert at (650) 571-5859. He would be happy to meet with you at no cost or obligation to show you some samples and discuss how we can preserve your loved one's thoughts, voice, and personality on video for all time.


If you work with Robert to create a Video Biography, let me know! I would love to see the finished product!

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