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A Personal Story from the owner...

Hello everyone!  Thank you for taking time to read a little about us.  Greg (my son) and I decided to own a Synergy HomeCare franchise because we wanted to make a difference for seniors requiring assistance with their Activities of Daily Living (ADLs and IADLs) and with those folks, both young and older, having disabilities and special needs within our local community.  I have lived and raised my boys in the Broomfield / Westminster communities since 1986.  Several personal events helped contribute to our desire to become involved with providing non-medical homecare services. 

As a young student, Greg learned that not all kids have the kind of life he found easy to learn and enjoy.  He was a natural athlete, was very social, likeable and approachable and did well in school.  His brother Evan was born four years later and at the age of three was diagnosed on the Autism spectrum.  So at an early age, Greg got to see firsthand and up close the challenges that disabilities bring to children.  He became a compassionate advocate for his brother and helped his brother to experience success on many fronts.  Later this year, Evan will be graduating from Legacy High School in Broomfield and plans to go on to college in the arts.  They are wonderful brothers to one another. 

Greg’s exposure to Autism, led him to work within the Adams County School District in the Before and After School Education (BASE) program, where he worked with grade school and middle school kids.  His desire to help others led him to the University of Colorado where he graduated with a degree in pre-med life sciences, with the intent of finding a profession in healthcare.

As for me, like Greg I got a degree in Biology with thoughts of med school.  I decided to focus more on business and worked within the medical industry in laboratory, software and technical services.  In addition to being the parent of an Autistic child, I recently learned that my mother, Rose, who was living alone back east in the home where I was raised, had been suffering from early stages of dementia.  I am the oldest son of two boys and found myself in the position of determining how to best care for my mother.  My younger brother had also moved to Colorado many years earlier and has been a great support to our mother.

We decided to move Rose to Colorado to be with her family and to enjoy the beauty of Colorado with us as long as she was able.  Unfortunately, within a week of moving my mother here, Rose became ill and had to be admitted to the hospital.  What began as the flu, gave rise to many complications while in the hospital.  After more than five months of hospital and skilled nursing care, Rose was able to come home.  However, what started as early stage dementia, had quickly turned into advanced, late stage Alzheimer’s.  She now requires 24 hour care.  It is so painful that we did not have that opportunity we had planned when moving my mom to Colorado. 

Dad And Grandma

The exposure my sons and I have had to the devastating impact of Alzheimer’s on my mother (their grandmother) has encourage Greg and I to be a part of the solution in helping those in medical need, enjoy the most that they can of what life has to offer. 

We are very in-tune with the dynamics of what make our industry’s services so needed, the importance of communication, cooperation and consistency within the community of care framework and how passion and compassion in helping solve family challenges of aging, special needs and disabilities are the foundation to creating a positive and healthy world of social change.


My mother began living in a 24 hour assisted care home in April 2013, just a short two years from when I first moved her to Colorado. Rose was well cared for. She did not get the chance to enjoy the beauty of Colorado, but had the opportunity to feel the love of her sons and grandsons. 

I will be eternally grateful for all that my mom has done for me in helping shape the man I have become. I had the opportunity to tell my mother how much I loved her, and to thank her for all she had done for me throughout my life. And I got to experience the last glistening of love in her eyes as I let her know that it was ok to let go. 

I received the call from hospice Tuesday, November 19, 2013 at 6:00 am. Rose had passed away.

I love you Mom.


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