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National Autism Awareness Monthh

April is National Autism Awareness Month. The United States recognizes this as an opportunity to educate our communities about autism in the hopes that increased awareness will promote positive changes in diagnoses and support for those affected. For those of us, and there are millions, who have a loved one that has been diagnosed with autism, this month gives us hope for changes for the better. 

An autism diagnosis affects every member of the family. I was young when my younger brother was diagnosed on the autism spectrum. My first reaction was fear. What does this mean for him exactly? What does this mean for my family? What is my role now? But once the fear was replaced with time and information, I was able to create my own path in a way that would support my brother and my family. 

My exposure to autism indirectly lead me to my career. I began working with the Adams County School District where I worked with youth at a before and after school care (BASE) program. I felt fulfilled by helping others and I then knew that a career in healthcare was a perfect fit for me. 

After an autism diagnosis is made you find a world of information, resources, and questions unanswered. The one thing that is always true is that with research and support there is progress. I encourage all of us to continue to grow as individuals by learning about the special needs of those around us. According to the Autism Society, autism is thought of as a condition for children, however, autism is a lifelong condition. With an increasing diagnosis rate of 1 in 68 and estimations that this trend will continue to rise, it is crucial that we recognize the need for support and programs that will aid people on the spectrum of autism across their lifespan.

SYNERGY HomeCare provides a variety of in-home care services for clients of all ages, such as children with disabilities needing in-home care, senior home assistance, homecare support, and in-home companionship services to families living in Broomfield, Boulder and North Metro. Call SYNERGY HomeCare today to learn more and discuss your options at 303-465-4663.

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