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Alzheimer's Home Care by SYNERGY HomeCare of South Denver

Getting older but want to keep your memory in tip-top shape? Although senior care services can help your loved one stay on their game, there are a number of affordable ways to boost brain power. 

Everyone knows just how beneficial exercise is for the body, but not all know it serves as a good way to better your memory. Studies have shown that older adults with normal cognitive function who exercise for at least one hour per week using weights can greatly improve their memory. Even those with mild cognitive impairment showed improvement when completing weight lifting exercises when compared to those who didn't. 

If you really want to boost your loved one's brain power, make them laugh. According to AARP, humor is healthy and a good chuckle provides aerobic exercises for the brain as well as overall health. Laughter also increases the body's production of neurotransmitters that are linked to improved memory and alertness. 

Taking a nap is another way to increase memory and even daytime alertness. Encourage your loved one to take a 90 minute nap each afternoon and could be more beneficial for memory than in those who don't take naps. 

The effects of Alzheimer's can take a big toll on those affected as well as their family members. SYNERGY HomeCare of South Denver can help by offering memory care services as well as important respite care services for family caregivers. Please contact us to learn more or for a free consultation. 

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