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We help veterans find resources
to pay for home care services

If you are a veteran needing care at home, there may be a resource you are unaware of. And this resource can help pay for care in your own home. It's called the Veteran Aid and Attendance Monthly Pension.

We appreciate and love our veterans

vietnam veteran with his arm around a korean war veteran

We know you are proud. And independent. But everyone needs a little help sometimes, right? You deserve this.

You gave so much to your country, and now it is time your country paid back. If you or your spouse need home care and are a veteran, SYNERGY HomeCare of Tewksbury can help you see if you qualify.

How do I qualify for the veteran aid & attendance monthly pension?

To obtain a monthly pension under the Aid Attendance program, you must be a veteran or a surviving spouse of a veteran meeting the following requirements:

  1. You are disabled and unable to work, or you are 65+ and are either housebound or require help performing your normal daily living activities. You have severe eyesight limitations, or you need adjusting prosthetic devices daily.
  2. You must have served at least 90 days of active duty.
  3. At least 1 of these days was during a declared war.
  4. You were not dishonorably discharged.
  5. Your monthly income after deducting Unreimbursed Medical Expenses is below the maximum benefit amount.  For 2020, the maximum amounts are $2266 for a veteran and $1230 for a surviving spouse).
  6. Your net worth (not including your equity in your primary residence) is below certain limits (around $125,000) after considering a multiple-year look-back analysis. 
  7. All this can be complicated to calculate.  Contact us so that we can have one of our partner companies help with these calculations.  

Resources to help you

SYNERGY HomeCare partners with several companies to determine if you qualify for the Aid & Attendance monthly pension benefit. These companies can also help you apply to the Department of Veterans Affairs to obtain this benefit and possibly obtain care before the VA makes formal approval.

Please understand, getting awarded the Aid & Attendance benefit is an in-depth process requiring formal documentation of numerous aspects of your life, and it can take up to a year to get approved.  However, the companies we partner with may be able to help you fund SYNERGY HomeCare services before formal approval by the VA.


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