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Dementia and Alzheimer's care

There are few diseases that have as profound an impact on the families of the patients as Alzheimer's disease. As the family caregiver, you may feel overwhelmed by the growing need to protect the safety and health of someone you love who is suffering from Alzheimer's disease. If so, you are not alone.

According to the Alzheimer’s Association: An estimated 5.8 million Americans of all ages are living with Alzheimer's. This number includes an estimated 5.6 million people age 65 and older and approximately 200,000 individuals under age 65 who have early-onset Alzheimer's.

We understand what you and your family
are facing

Many of our clients have some type of dementia. It may be Alzheimer’s, vascular dementia, Parkinson’s dementia or another type. Our goal is to help them to stay as independent as possible. And at the same time, we want to make sure they are safe and have their needs met.

Yes! You can keep your loved one with dementia—even Alzheimer’s— in their own home 

In fact, keeping them in their own home may help to preserve their memory a bit longer. A familiar environment helps to lower the stress levels of someone with dementia. Those with dementia are not friends of change; they like and function better when they have a routine they can count on. 

And adjusting to a facility schedule that guides when to take medications, when to shower, when to eat, etc. can be the exact opposite of how your loved one wants to do things.

Staying in their own home makes sense

If a senior has been living in the same home for a long time, they can easily navigate their way around their home.

Memories tend to peel off in layers.  This moves someone back in time. Someone with dementia may be able to carry on a good conversation with you about what happened 20 or maybe 30 years ago. But she cannot tell you what she had for breakfast today or who came for a visit yesterday. That is because the short-term memory is what is most affected. She can easily remember where her bedroom and the bathroom are because she has lived in her home for 20 years or so.

Keeping stress down is important

A study published in the National Institute of Health  ( NIH) states: Added stress drives the progression of the disease and can exacerbate symptoms. And moving is stressful. Think about the last time you had to move? Now imagine how that would be for someone with dementia.

We tailor our care to you
3 women caregivers in scrubs

The first step is a thorough assessment. We want to know all we can about the person we will be helping.  We are here to make things easier. As such, we want to do things the way or client is used to having them done. 

  1. What does their schedule look like today? Do they follow a normal routine each day?
  2. What foods do they like and dislike?
  3. Do they normally like to bathe in the morning or in the evening?
  4. What are they not doing today that they wish they could do? (entertaining a neighbor for coffee and dessert, taking a walk outside, playing cards) These are just a few examples of what the disease may have stopped them from doing. And these are opportunities for a SYNERGY HomeCare caregiver to help. Keeping someone with dementia engaged in life is what we do best.

Specialized training
Our SYNERGY HomeCare team members receive extensive and specialized training around Alzheimer’s and dementia, which allows us to offer a tailored approach to care. Caregivers take training certified by Alzheimer's Association for Leaders in Dementia Care Certification.

Each person with dementia is a unique individual. Working one on one with our clients allows us to offer personalized care. This is much better than the cookie-cutter approach you will find in managed care facilities, where your loved one may share one aide or caregiver with five other people. 

For many living with memory troubles, staying active and engaged is key. Our caregivers are wonderful at this.  We seek and retain social, friendly, compassionate caregivers who can keep a conversation going and memory patients engaged. Having someone to talk with during the day is so important for your loved one to feel engaged. We can help provide the one on one attention that helps them be comfortable and adjusted. Many of our clients have us create a calendar of social outings and adventures to take your loved one on. We can do that for yours, too, if appropriate.

Our care team members can assist with:

  • Adapting the home environment to enhance safety and independence
  • Provide transportation for medical, community and social appointments
  • Reminders for medication
  • Provide enhanced social activities appropriate to the needs of the client
  • Offer meal planning and preparation to ensure good nutritional support
  • Personal care: grooming, personal hygiene, and dressing
  • Light household tasks

Dementia care in Colorado Springs

If you're looking for dementia care you can trust for your loved one, then the last thing you probably want is to place your loved one in a nursing home or assisted living facility. Fortunately, dementia care from SYNERGY HomeCare is a viable alternative that can assist your loved one with daily activities and one-on-one care. Our caregivers are specially trained to assist those with dementia in a compassionate, caring manner and we perform extensive national background checks on all of them to put your mind at ease.

Give your loved one the compassionate memory care he or she deserves.
Trust SYNERGY HomeCare for the help you need.

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