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In-Home Care Services

We're not just for seniors, although our home care services help many seniors in Colorado Springs and surrounding communities. In addition to seniors, we help new moms,  people with disabilities, recovery assistance for those released from the hospital or rehab, companion care, respite for family caregivers and others who need non-medical home care.

Here are the most common reasons people seek home care:

What resonates with your situation?  


I don’t want to be a burden

I don’t want to bother my children or grandchildren. My kids are so busy and live across town. They have their own lives. And I don’t want to be a burden. Hiring the SYNERGY team to help is the best thing I have ever done. They help me with the day to day chores and activities. This allows me to spend quality time with my children when they come to visit.

Give me a break

I'm a family caregiver who needs respite care once in a while. I may care for a disabled child or spouse. Or I could be caring for an aging parent or grandparent. With a few hours a week of respite care, I am able to replenish my energy. And I know this makes me a better caregiver.

I have a chronic health condition

I need help with some of the daily activities of living. I don’t always have the energy to do everything I would like to do. My SYNERGY caregiver makes sure I have meals prepared, helps me with laundry and sometimes drives me to appointments. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. They do just about anything that I would normally do for myself if I could.

My aging parents need a extra help

My parents are showing signs of aging and need some help with everyday living a few days a week. Bringing in help for them brings me peace of mind. I know that someone else is looking out for them when I can’t be there.

My mom needs live-in help

Mom is alone and we live out of town. We need someone to be with her 24/7 so we know she’s eating, bathing and taking medicine properly. We want to be sure she doesn’t fall, and if she does, someone will be there to help, fast. Knowing that someone is there to help Mom gives both her and us t peace of mind.

Broken bones from a fall 

My dad broke his hip and needs in-home care for meals, bathing, dressing and getting around.

Although my mom is in assisted living, she needs around the clock care for a few weeks since she fell and broke her hip.

Memory care for Alzheimer's or dementia

My mom has Alzheimer's and needs 24/7 non-medical care. Mom is comfortable in her home and we want to keep her there. With care around the clock for mom, I can be her daughter again not her caregiver.

My dad has dementia and needs daily help at home for meals, med dosing, light housekeeping, etc., just in the late afternoons until bedtime. A little extra help means Dad can continue living in his own home.

Companionship: my mom is lonely

My elderly dad passed away a few months ago and my mom is extremely lonely.  She needs a few days of companion care each week for conversation, playing cards, etc., to boost morale. Something she can look forward to. Having someone with her when I can’t be there helps us both to cope with the loss.

Dignity or strong-willed? 

My very proud, 87-year-old mother refuses to leave her home for an assisted living community. She did agree to have a caregiver come over daily to help her with everyday living---maybe five hours a day. And this relieves my mind a lot. I know that with in-home care mom is getting the help she needs. And I no longer worry about her eating. Our SYNERGY caregiver prepares good and nutritious meals that she enjoys.

I feel guilty that I can’t always be there

I live hours from my elderly parents and am worried about them. I need someone to look in on them, assess their lifestyle and help me with a care plan---then I might sleep at night. 

Errands and transportation

My aunt needs transportation, help, and supervision while at dialysis. My son is a disabled vet who needs to have transportation to the VA center and to physical therapy sessions. My husband has Parkinson’s and wants to go to the senior center when I am at work.

"I want to be on my own!" — When children have disabilities

My son is disabled. As a veteran, it is hard for him to rely on his mom or dad for personal care. Also, when my husband and I are out of town we need to know that someone is there to help.

My adult daughter is autistic

My adult daughter is autistic, lives by herself and needs daily help with living.  The caregiver we hired was able to help organize her day. And she made sure that meal planning and prep were taken care of.

After hospital/surgery home care

My wife just had surgery and the doctor said she'd heal faster with surgical aftercare at home. Plus, I am at work all day. And I want to make sure she is taken care of.

My husband is having chemo treatments for cancer. I am still working and cannot always be there to help with all of the everyday activities.

The baby blues

I just had a baby and need some help a few days a week while I adjust.

No one prepared us for postpartum depression after the birth of our son. My wife needs some help at home to help cope better.

We’re on vacation and need a caregiver  

We’re taking my elderly mother on vacation with us and will need a caregiver for her while we go sightseeing. 

My disabled daughter will be traveling with us. We will need assistance when we go out at night. 

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