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What our clients say matters
to this Synergy HomeCare team

We are in business to provide the best care possible for the families we serve. As such, we are always happy to receive feedback. The more we know about what works and what doesn't the better we are able to provide the top-notch care you deserve. The following are a few examples of the care we are providing daily in Colorado Springs.

Reviews are the windows into our core of trust and compassion---something everyone searching for the right home care agency should read. Most home care agencies will tell you that they’re "the best in town." Read the reviews and feel your way to reason as you make your decision.

SYNERGY HomeCare's reviews are the stories written about us by clients and their families. We believe it's important for new clients to "feel their way to reason" before hiring us as their caregiver. What we mean by this is for them to get an idea of what it will be like for their mom or dad to have in home help. That's what reviews do---they paint the picture. Once a potential new client thinks SYNERGY HomeCare of Colorado Springs might be the agency for them, we offer a meeting to discuss every single question, concern and logistic.

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Independent reviews

Because getting honest feedback is important to us, we hired an independent third party company, Home Care Pulse, to call our clients to find out what they think. Good, honest feedback. These individuals are asked to give feedback about the care they are receiving.

Dorothy C.  April 2016
SYNERGY HomeCare had the ability to adjust their schedules. My mother's case was very complex, and there were a lot of changes, but they were very accommodating with my mother's care no matter what happened.

George S. May 2019
I appreciate the quality of the caregivers that come to help me. Many are nursing students at the local university.

Tom D.   May 2019
They're organized, their staff is good, the office management is good, they are on time, and they know what they are doing. They understand that things happen and are flexible. They clearly understand the needs of their industry. Nobody will go wrong if they go with SYNERGY.

How would you rate the impact of the services on your daily life?

Ruth G.  April 2019
The services make it so there are fewer chores for me to do, and it's nice having someone there for my loved one.

Tom D.  May 2019
I can't stand the thought of them not being here. What they do for me frees me up to things I don't have energy to do.

How would you rate the ability of your caregivers to provide the care needed?

Virginia N.  May 2019
They try to figure out what my mom wants. She can be picky and they try to keep her happy.


5 star google reviews

Leslie D. ★★★★★
10 months ago
Synergy home care is a wonderful combination of professional organization with a caring touch. The office staff is efficient and organized. The home care staff is competent and very kind. Each care giver shows up on time and takes on the tasks that need completing that day. My husband is well cared for and I am able to leave him to run errands knowing he is in good hands. TOP NOTCH.

Response from the owner

Thank you very much for your feedback. It's truly our pleasure to help your family in any way that we can!

Yamiled Q.  ★★★★★
10 months ago
Synergy Home Care has very friendly staff. They are always very helpful when you have questions. I sure do recommend Synergy if anyone is in need of home care!

Response from the owner 

Thank you very much for your feedback!

Leah G.  ★★★★★
a year ago
Synergy Caregivers cared for my mother for approximately a year before her death. She was 96 yrs old and as her needs increased, they were absolutely wonderful to come into our home to assist and befriend her while I was away. I know those who entered my home were carefully selected and personally trained by Brooke McClintock (co-owner). This company has found a healthy balance in being professional and personal. I can recommend their services without hesitation and will use them again if needed.

Response from the owner  

Thank you very much for your feedback! It was truly our pleasure to assist your sweet mother, and we feel fortunate you selected our care team to assist your family.

Christina G  ★★★★★
2 months ago
Synergy Home Care cared for my 95 year old Grandmother in her home for 2 years. She received 24/7 care. Synergy was absolutely wonderful. The caregivers were always very professional and treated my Grandmother, who had dementia, with kindness and respect. Synergy went above and beyond my expectations. Staffing caregivers for a 24/7 patient isn’t easy, yet they did their best to keep consistent caregivers and always notified me of any changes in the schedule. I highly recommend Synergy Home Care.

Response from the owner
Thank you Christina for your kind words. We adored your Grandmother! We appreciate you choosing and trusting us to be there for her.

Randy K  ★★★★★
3 months ago
These are the most wonderful people in the world!! Brooke and Ian are so attentive to our needs. They run a very compassionate and caring home health care business!!

Response from the owner
Thank you Randy for your kind words. We are happy to be able to help.

Zak P. ★★★★★
10 months ago
SYNERGY HomeCare is amazing! Their team is truly dedicated and caring! They really make you and your loved ones feel important and like you are family. If you are looking for a home care solution SYNERGY is THE BEST!!

Response from the owner

Thanks so much for your feedback and kind words!

Shaunda  ★★★★★
a year ago
My greatest honor was when Synergy Home Care of COS hired me. I learned of them while working in a facility. The caregivers were great and I wanted to be a part of a team like that! The owners and management team are WONDERFUL, COMPASSIONATE AND CARING! Synergy is the best company I have worked for. I highly recommend Synergy Home Care team for employment and to take care of your loved ones in the comfort of their own home!!

Response from the owner

Shaunda, wow! Thank you so much for this great 5-star review. We really appreciate you being a loyal, loving caregiver and helping to share the word about us. We are so grateful to have you apart of our team. We could not do it without you!!

Kay B★★★★★
10 months ago
I have been employed with synergy for 3 years now. My experience with synergy has been the best! I love working and caring for my clients.

Response from the owner
Thanks for your feedback. We're very fortunate to have such incredible caregivers, like yourself, on our Care Team!

Scott M. ★★★★★
10 months ago
SYNERGY HomeCare is the best! You won't find a more dedicated and compassionate care team anywhere in Colorado Springs. If you or a loved one is considering home care services, I would definitely recommend calling SYNERGY.

Response from the owner  
Thank you very much for your kind words!

Salsa1993 BbyGrl420 ★★★★★
one year ago
I have just recently joined the Synergy HomeCare Team as a Caregiver and although I have only been employed with them for a few short months my experience has been nothing but the BEST!! They offer the absolute best care for ALL of our clients and truly care about each and every one of them!! All of our client's needs are met and cared for with the most outstanding and compassionate people!! I truly enjoy working for this company and look forward to growing and learning as much as possible as a part of their HomeCare Team. My employers are very compassionate about what they do and are very understanding!! I knew from the minute I sat down for my interview that they were amazing people who strive to be the most caring and compassionate care takers in all aspects of caregiving!! At this point I wouldn't want to work anywhere else!! I enjoy going to work and meeting new client's and I've also enjoyed maintaining positive relationships with my now "Regular" client's!! It is truly an honor and a privilege to be able to work under the Synery HomeCare name!! I look forward to building an outstanding relationship with my employers and providing nothing but the best care for all of our client's!! It is the deepest of honors to care for those who once cared for us!! Truly my greatest privilege!! Whether you are needing some at Home Care or looking for a place of employment don't hesitate to call and find out what Synergy has to offer!! You will be met with sincerely the sweetest people I've personally come to know and love!! Just a call or click away find out all about Synergy HomeCare today and maybe even join our Team!! We would love to have you either way!! -Sierra S.
Happily Employed with the Synergy HomeCare Team since October of 2018!! :)
Response from the owner
Thank you very much for feedback! We're fortunate to have dedicated, compassionate caregivers, like yourself, on our team :)

Leigh Ann O. ★★★★★
10 months ago
We've known Brooke and Ian from Synergy for a long time, they employee compassionate care givers, and love assisting the community.

Response from the owner
Thanks for the positive feedback!

Jessica R. ★★★★★
10 months ago
Synergy has been so good to my sister. They hire the best people.

Response from the owner
Thank you! We are so very fortunate to have the best care team in town!

Jon W. ★★★★★
10 months ago
Fantastic care at affordable prices. Best dental advice I've ever gotten by far!

Response from the owner
Thank you so much for the feedback!

Jessica G. ★★★★★
10 months ago
I highly recommend Synergy to anyone in need of home care services. They are compassionate, dedicated, and professional!

Response from the owner
Thanks for the feedback! We love to help families however we can.

Tania L. W. ★
10 months ago
I find it interesting that after a request from the owner that I revise my review that my review was totally deleted. Wow. Some people will do ANYTHING for positive PR. From now on I think we should call this TRUMP home health care. I went into more detil two years ago. I kept a cooy of what I wrote,msonif you want to know what happened, please feel free to email me. Suffice it to say, they left more problems than they solved.

Response from the owner
Thank you for the feedback. Unfortunately, in situations where our agency does not provide the services needed by a client we must notify the client that our agency can no longer provide assistance. However, we love to be a resource, e love to be a resource, and would be happy to help you or anyone identify appropriate service providers for his or her specific needs.

Janice J. ★★★★★
10 months ago
Synergy Homecare caregivers and staff are wonderful. They are respectful, compassionate and professional.

Response from the owner
Thank you! We greatly appreciate the feedback.

Janie R. ★★★★★
a year ago
Synergy is a professional and loving group of caregivers. They truly understand how important it is to care for a family member who is aging and needs help. I know that my mom is in good hands and it eases my worries to know she is being well taken care of and the communication I receive from Synergy prompt and detailed.

Response from the owner
Thank you very much for this review. It is truly our pleasure to assist your family in any way that we can.

Martina R. ★★★★★
10 months ago
The ladies at Synergy HomeCare are always very professional when I call!! I have attended community events with them and love them!!

Response from the owner
Thank you very much for the feedback!

Nawal Y.  ★★★★★
10 months ago
If you are seeking the care for a loved one, this is the place to call!!!

Response from the owner
Thanks for your feedback! We feel fortunate that we're able to care for so many wonderful families in our community.

Sarah T. ★★★★★
a year ago
Synergy is an amazing company with professional administrative and office staff.They offer so much for the clients and always try to accommodate their various needs. They will go above and beyond to make sure each client is satisfied with their care.

Response from the owner
Thank you very much for this feedback! We're happy to help however we can!

Xan F. ★★★★★
2 years ago
Brooke and Ian have been incredibly patient and helpful as I have tried to navigate care for my Mother long-distance. They have been compassionate and flexible and have even stepped in to help me advocate for her care with insurance companies. They hand-select staff to meet with and help my mother based upon her personality and needs which allows my Mom to feel "understood" at a time in life when he abilities are failing and she must have assistance in spite of her proud and independent nature. I appreciate their care and professionalism.

Response from the owner
Thanks so much for sharing this feedback, and for the opportunity to be there for your mom! Our caregivers truly enjoy their time with your mother, and it is always our pleasure to help out in any way we can.

Hilary D.★★★★★
a year ago
Synergy provides quality, trained caregivers to help with assistance with any matters not needing direct medical care. They work well with the clients, are responsible and I have always felt comfortable using them to help my elderly Mum. Highly recommend this firm!

Response from the owner
We greatly appreciate your feedback! It's been our pleasure to assist your mom.

Cassandra S. ★★★★★
2 years ago
Ian, Brooke, & their team were amazing to work with. My Gram was diagnosed with cancer and we could not have gotten through that tough time without Synergy Home-care. I highly recommend them!

Response from the owner
Thanks so much for the feedback! It was our pleasure to help your Gram and I'm glad we were able to lighten your load a little bit :)

Shawn R. ★★★★★
10 months ago
Very caring people.

Response from the owner
Thanks for your feedback!

Richard B. ★★★★★
a year ago
All around out standing service and Prompt availability. cannot go wrong!

Response from the owner
Thanks so much for the feedback! We greatly appreciate the opportunity to assist your family!

Sandra G. ★★★★★
2 years ago
Synergy HomeCare did an outstanding job for my mother and helped me tremendously. Highly recommended.

Response from the owner
Thank you very much for the feedback! It was our pleasure to provide a helping hand!

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