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Life Expectancy Shifts for the Better

Life expectancy is shifting here in the United States.  Information on mortality patterns helps us understand the changes in the health and well-being of our current population.  According to the National Center for Health Statistics, annual per capita death rates are continuing to decline leading to longer life expectancy.  It is reported, and makes sense, that much of the recent improvement in life expectancy and death rates are a result of less deaths associated with the leading causes of death, such as cancer, stroke, and heart disease.

We have grown leaps and bounds when it comes to engaging in healthy ways of living.  Take smoking as a prime example.  Fifty years ago we didn’t know what we know today about the risks.  But with knowledge comes power, and low and behold, as a society we have seen the smoking rate decline steadily over the last few decades.  I’m sure we can all think of things to add as examples here, where times have changed us for the better in terms of knowledge and understanding more ways to keep our minds and bodies healthy.

For those of us in the sandwich generation, we are paying close attention to these statistics and taking mental notes on how we can better care for our aging parents, as well as our children.  We want to give our loved ones the best of everything, as well as keep ourselves as healthy as possible.  We are finding ourselves in times of a health-crazed society.  We hear reports about GMO’s, Organic this and that.  Whether you are a part of the craze now, or are setting yourself up to benefit in the future, the outlook is good for all of us.

SYNERGY HomeCare of Denver is a caregiver agency and solution provider that has been serving the Denver Metro area since 2006.  We offer senior home assistance, home care support, and in-home companionship services in Denver, Littleton, Aurora and surrounding areas.  Whatever your home care needs are, skilled, non-skilled, hospice, palliative, funding services or even facilities information, we have the tools needed to help you.  No contracts, just care, and available to you 365/24/7!  Call our experts today at 303-756-9322 to learn more and discuss your options.

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