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The Comfort of Home

There is a lot that can be said about the comfort of home.  That feeling of coming home after a vacation, or after a long day at work.  Home is where the heart is, home sweet home, home is where the story begins, and I could go on.

In-home care has many benefits and advantages for our aging loved ones, and for those of us that care for them.  Aging for many brings about changes that are out of one’s control.  Losing memory, not being able to drive, for example.  Add those to moving into a nursing home or an extended hospital stay and the damage on the psyche can be great.  For these reasons and many more, seniors and their families now more than ever are looking into the option of in-home care, this beautiful middle-ground.

My sister works for an assisted living community in Wisconsin.  When she tells me stories about her work experiences I often think of our clients and what a difference it makes to be cared for in one’s own home.  Tasks such as bathing, exercising and meal preparation are all things we do as part of a routine.  Any routine feels more comfortable when we’re in our own space, with our own things around us.  According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, the rates of depression and suicide are higher in nursing homes compared to seniors residing in their own homes. 

A friend had told me a story about her father who had dementia.  She had gone to his house and was helping him bathe and he had a lucid moment and became very uncomfortable and offended that his daughter was in the bathroom with him.  He didn’t need nursing home care.  He simply needed companionship and help with daily tasks.  At that time she realized that there must be a better way, a network of care somewhere that could keep her father at home but with organized and scheduled assistance.  In-home care was the answer for her and her family, and for so many others faced with caring for an aging loved one.

A daughter of a new client recently shared their story prior to joining our family of care.  They had decided it was time to move their mother into a facility and the siblings took turns touring facilities with their mom.  After every tour the kids would discuss the experience and the stories of their mother begging them each to allow her to stay in her home would many times lead to tears, and always created anxiety and guilt.  After one of the sisters researched homecare and spoke with our team they collectively decided it was right for them.  It has been a huge burden lifted and they are grateful to have options to keep their mom home safely.  In this case they did not know that aging at home was even an option, they assumed when she needed help the next step was a facility.  This is a familiar story that is shared by many families and we are here to answer questions and allow families to weigh all options before making decisions for their loved ones.

SYNERGY HomeCare of Denver is a caregiver agency and solution provider that has been serving the Denver Metro area since 2006.  We offer senior home assistance, home care support, and in-home companionship services in Denver, Littleton, Aurora and surrounding areas.  Whatever your home care needs are, skilled, non-skilled, hospice, palliative, funding services or even facilities information, we have the tools needed to help you.  No contracts, just care, and available to you 365/24/7!  Call our experts today at 303-756-9322 to learn more and discuss your options.

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