Caregivers in Aurora CO: Can a Parent With Mobility Issues Still Grow Vegetables?


Can a Parent With Mobility Issues Still Grow Vegetables?

Gardening takes dedication. Hours are spent weeding, watering, and harvesting. Before one can plant, soil needs to be worked and nutrients must be added. Your parent loves the idea of fresh vegetables. Mobility issues make it hard to get around. Is it still possible to grow a flourishing garden?

Skip Traditional Gardens

When mobility is a problem, you don't have to choose a traditional garden bed. Your mom or dad may rely on a wheelchair or walker. That doesn't mean gardening is out.

What is the outdoor space like? Does your parent have a deck or patio that is used regularly? Is the driveway paved and accessible when a wheelchair or walker is used? Plan gardens around those spaces.

On a deck, five-gallon buckets lined with crushed stone for drainage work. Fill the bucket with a mixture of potting soil and grow plants in them. As an added perk, weeds are less common in this form of a garden. It's also easier to keep plants watered.

Along the side of a patio or paved driveway, raised garden beds work well. You can make them yourself or buy kits from a garden supply store. Kits come in a variety of materials. Metal raised beds are easy to install. Cedar repels insects. Cinder blocks are another option if you know how to use mortar or construction adhesive.

Once installed, fill the raised beds with a mixture of soil, manure, and peat moss for water retention. You can plant instantly. Garden beds will need weeding from time to time. It's also important to keep plants watered.

Purchase Benches

Gardening benches are important if your parent walks but needs a cane or walker. There are mobile garden carts that have swivel seats. While your parent pulls weeds or prunes growth, the seat is available.

After gardening for the day, the cart is on wheels and is easy to pull back to a garage or shed. You could also put in a permanent bench near the garden. When your parent isn't working in the garden, the bench is there for birdwatching or simply being outside.

Take Precautions

While gardening is a great way for seniors to exercise, care is needed. Make sure your parent has a caregiver to monitor time spent outside. Too much sun is detrimental. Your mom or dad also need to stay hydrated while outside in hot weather. Caregivers can keep track of time spent outside.

Caregivers also offer reminders to apply sunscreen before going outside. They can help your parent bring in ripe vegetables. Learn more about the benefits that caregivers offer to the elderly. Call us today!

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Tom Yetzer

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