How Does Home Care Help After a Hospitalization?


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How Does Home Care Help After a Hospitalization?

Your dad is having surgery for some reason. No matter why the surgery is needed, you need to make sure his recovery at home goes smoothly. Home care is one of the best ways to make sure everything goes well.

A Recovery Requires Rest

During recovery, your dad needs to walk around, but he cannot overexert. If he's always getting up to answer the door or phone, get another drink, or do the laundry, his recovery can take longer.

He needs to do what his surgeon recommends. After colorectal cancer surgery, he may be told to sit with a pill supporting the incision. He needs to do that. Lifting items like a laundry basket could pop a stitch or two. He needs to have a caregiver doing the laundry for him.

Follow-Up Appointments Should Not Get Canceled

Your dad will have follow-up appointments to see how he's doing. He can't cancel these appointments. They're important to make sure he's healing well.

If he cannot drive and can't find someone to drive him to the appointment, he's going to cancel it. Instead, arrange to have caregivers help him get to the appointment on time and help him get in and out of the car.

Meal and Beverage Preparation Makes Sure He's Eating and Drinking

During his recovery, your dad may not want to get up and cook. He may not be able to stand for that long. Hire home care aides to cook meals for him. He'll want foods that help with the healing process.

He also needs to stay hydrated. Caregivers can fill his water glass and bring it to him. He has what he needs without having to get up as often. He can save his short walks to trips to the bathroom and bedroom.

Medication Reminders Help Control Pain

After surgery, your dad will probably rely on over-the-counter medications like Advil or Tylenol to control pain. He can't take too much without risking his health. He doesn't want to take too much, but he doesn't want to miss a dose and be in a lot of pain.

If he's going to have a hard time keeping track of them, he'll benefit from help. Have caregivers available to remind him when he can have another dose of the pain reliever. Medication reminders are a service to schedule.

Home care aides can't do medical tasks, but they can help with housework, meals, transportation, and laundry. They're available for as long as your dad needs them. When he's healed and back to his usual activities, you can taper off the services.

Consider pairing professional caregivers and home health care after surgery to make sure all of your parents' needs are covered. Talk to a home care agency about their post-surgery recovery and care needs at home.

If you or an aging loved-one are considering home care services in Centennial, CO, please contact the caring staff at SYNERGY HomeCare today. Call us at (303) 756-9322.​​

Tom Yetzer
Tom Yetzer

Tom is the owner of SYNERGY HomeCare of Denver, Colorado.

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