How Senior Care Can Help Older Adults to Come Back from Knee Surgery


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How Senior Care Can Help Older Adults to Come Back from Knee Surgery

​Many older adults have knee surgery to repair damage from injuries or arthritis. When a senior has knee surgery, they’ll require assistance when they return home from the hospital, especially in the first couple of days. The older adult is likely to be in pain and unable to do many of their normal activities. They may even need help to accomplish daily activities of living, like using the bathroom or getting dressed. Their care can require a lot of extra time that family caregivers may not have due to work and family responsibilities. One way to offer older adults the extra help they may need after knee surgery is by hiring senior care. Below are some of the ways that senior care providers can help your aging relative while they are recovering from knee surgery.

Setting Up the Room

It can help to set up a room specifically for helping the older adult to recover. A senior care provider can assist with getting the room ready to ensure your aging relative is as comfortable as possible. Some of the things a senior care provider can gather for the room are:

  • Extra pillow to elevate the leg.
  • A telephone to set near the bed or chair.
  • Items for entertainment, such as the television remote, puzzle books, reading materials, and hobby items (knitting needles, yarn, etc.)
  • A glass or bottle of water that is easily reachable.

Wound Care

The surgery incision may require cleaning and should be monitored for signs of infection. A senior care provider can assist the older adult to follow the doctor’s instructions for keeping the wound clean. They can also look for infection and let family caregivers know if the surgery site appears to need follow up care.

Household Tasks

The older adult will be unable to accomplish certain household tasks for a while after surgery. For example, they will not be able to vacuum the floor or carry laundry baskets. They also won’t be up to standing in the kitchen to make a meal. A senior care provider can cook healthy meals and help with keeping the house tidy.


After knee surgery, your aging relative will have follow-up medical appointments and will need to attend rehabilitation appointments. A senior care provider can drive the older adult to their appointments. They can also help the senior to do physical therapy exercises at home to ensure they come back strong from knee surgery.


If you or an aging loved-one are considering senior care in Denver, CO, please contact the caring staff at SYNERGY HomeCare today. Call us at (303) 756-9322.

Tom Yetzer
Tom Yetzer

Tom is the owner of SYNERGY HomeCare of Denver, Colorado.

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