Studies Show Any Activity is Good Activity


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Studies Show Any Activity is Good Activity

Experts highly recommend everyone gets at least 30 minutes of moderate activity each day. Senior citizens may struggle with this recommendation. Arthritis pain makes it hard to stay on the feet for an extended period of time. Winter roads and sidewalks increase the risk of a fall. There's also the fear of crime, the danger of walking where traffic is heavy, and cold temperatures and the risk of hypothermia.

Studies show that any activity is good activity. Your mom and dad might think of “moderate activity” as being walking, cardiovascular programs, and swimming. There are many other activities that count.

Practice Tai Chi at Home

Tai chi is a calm exercise that helps improve balance and prevent falls. It consists of making slow, graceful movements while breathing deeply. Tai chi targets all the physical features needed to stay upright—flexibility, leg strength, range of motion, and reflexes—all of which tend to decline with age. 

Dance Alone or With Others

Your parents could simply turn on some music and dance. If they're not good at dancing, they could use YouTube or a similar video station to put on videos that teach them how to dance. Try belly dancing or learn to do the rumba for fun. A video game console, such as the Wii, with a camera and one of the dance games also get you moving.

Create a Garden

Gardening can be good exercise if you're active enough. Walking up and down rows and around the yard, stretching up to trim branches, bending over to pull weeds, and using a shovel work the muscles. Raking, rototilling, and pushing around a wheelbarrow are also good exercise.

Break It Up Into Sections

That 30 minutes of exercise can be broken up into manageable segments if your parents struggle with mobility. Ten minutes on an elliptical machine or treadmill is great if they do it three times per day. As they boost muscle strength and endurance, they can increase the amount of time spent on the machine.

Elderly care aides help seniors get enough exercise by joining them in their daily activities. Caregivers can remind your parents to get up and move. They can drive them to area gyms and public pools. They are there to be a friend and support person to your parent. Call an elderly care agency to discuss pricing and need.


If you or an aging loved one are considering elderly care in Cherry Hills, CO, please contact the caring staff at SYNERGY HomeCare Denver. Call today: (303) 756-9322.

Tom Yetzer
Tom Yetzer

Tom is the owner of SYNERGY HomeCare of Denver, Colorado.

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