What Light Housekeeping Duties Do Home Care Providers Do?


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What Light Housekeeping Duties Do Home Care Providers Do?

Home care providers are invaluable when it comes to helping aging adults with daily tasks in their own home. Family caregivers who are responsible for their elderly relatives often find they need support to ensure the senior is healthy, safe and comfortable at all times. Hiring home care providers gives family caregivers that assistance so they can take on other responsibilities or simply take a break from the stress. When hiring a home care provider, however, it’s important that family caregivers understand the types of services they provide, especially when it comes to housekeeping duties.

Home Care Providers Help Seniors Age in Place

The list of services that home care providers offer is extensive, and they can really contribute a lot to the way the aging adult’s house runs. Home care providers can help with meal preparation, provide medication reminders, oversee bathing, help with dressing and grooming, and encourage exercise. Home care providers can even help with pet care, assist seniors with eating, and help seniors with mobility throughout the house. Above all, home care providers are there to be engaged and interact with the aging adult, providing compassion and care.

Light Housekeeping Services for Aging Adults

Most home care providers will also list light housekeeping as one of their services. Light housekeeping describes the types of home-centered duties that the home care provider can do to keep the aging adult’s living space clean and tidy. It is not intended to be a maid service, nor should family caregivers and elderly adults expect home care providers to do more housework than is necessary.

Light housekeeping tasks generally include things like watering plants, vacuuming a main area, doing the dishes used for a recent meal, or starting a load of laundry. It can include sweeping the kitchen floor, wiping down bathroom surfaces after use and clearing away clutter. There may be other small chores that are unique to the senior’s home, as well. In general, home care providers will do tasks that center on the aging adult, so they can enjoy a clean environment.

The Importance of a Tidy Home

Family caregivers are usually quite grateful for assistance in keeping their aging relative’s home as clean as possible. For seniors, keeping the house clutter-free is important for health and safety. Too much clutter can cause seniors to slip and fall, twist an ankle or otherwise hurt themselves. Unclean surfaces in the bathroom and kitchen can harbor dirt, dust, germs and even mold. Bed linens that aren’t regularly changed can cause illness, as well. Because aging adults can no longer do these tasks for themselves, its up to family caregivers and home care providers to take on these important responsibilities.

It’s important for family caregivers to understand the importance of a clean home for their aging loved one. While the home care provider should focus on the aging adult as a top priority, it does help to know that the home care provider can help out with light housekeeping.

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Tom Yetzer
Tom Yetzer

Tom is the owner of SYNERGY HomeCare of Denver, Colorado.

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