Elderly Care in Englewood CO: When Seniors are Resistant to Care


When Seniors are Resistant to Care

It’s common for elderly parents to become uncooperative and even stubborn as they start to physically and mentally decline. With age comes many challenges to a person’s ability to live independently while remaining safe and healthy. When family members try to talk about the needs of their elderly loved one, it can cause tension between them as the senior shuts down discussions. For their own good, elderly adults may need to be convinced to accept in-home care.

Why Seniors Become Stubborn About In-Home Care

The best way for family members to figure out why their aging loved one is resistant to elderly care providers is to have heartfelt talks and to listen closely to their answers. Most of the time, elderly adults are stubborn because they are dealing with many complex emotions. Among the most common reasons for aging adults to become uncooperative include:

  • Sadness at the changes due to old age
  • Isolation and loneliness
  • Fear of losing independence
  • Declining physical and mental health
  • Anger at the thought of leaving their home
  • Grief, depression, and anxiety
  • Mood swings from medication
  • Embarrassment that they need help
  • Pride in never needing help before
  • Worry about their own mortality

It’s never easy to make big decisions in life, especially when it comes to elderly adults needing help. However, if family caregivers want their aging loved ones to stay safe and healthy, they need to take some action.

Convincing Seniors to Try In-Home Care

Even the most congenial senior can become stubborn and uncompromising when they are faced with the fact that they are no longer able to live alone without some kind of elderly care provider in their life. Family caregivers must employ their best strategies to convince their loved one that in-home assistance is needed.

The first step is to adopt a kind and caring demeanor instead of aggressive or confrontational. It’s important to frame in-home elderly care providers in a positive light and highlighting all the benefits instead of focusing on anything negative. Family members can point out that the in-home care can start small or on a temporary basis so that they can get used to it. Involving the elderly adult in the decisions can give them a sense of control still. Finally, take steps to address the elderly adult’s specific concerns about in-home care, whether it’s about cost, privacy, or something else, so that it becomes neutralized.

With patience and persistence, elderly adults can realize all the benefits that in-home care, in the form of elderly care providers, brings. Seniors may eventually realize that their presence in the home gives them more free time, less stress, and the peace of mind knowing that they are well-cared for.



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Tom Yetzer
Tom Yetzer

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