When Should Your Senior Talk to Her Doctor about Cognitive Ailments?


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When Should Your Senior Talk to Her Doctor about Cognitive Ailments?

​As your senior’s caregiver, you’re probably concerned about her cognitive health as well as her physical health. There are some signs that can clue you and she into when it might be time to talk to her doctor about her cognitive wellness. Some of these signs are a little more worrying than others, of course, and your senior’s overall health in other ways may impact some of them.

Forgetting What Day it Is

It’s not unusual for a person of any age to periodically forget what day it is and then remember later on. But if your elderly family member is having consistent difficulty remembering what day it is or even what season it is, that could be a bigger sign. Keep an eye on her sense of timing and see if small changes like using calendars helps. Stress can affect remembering details like this.

Losing a Word Here and There

If you’ve ever had a conversation and forgotten a word, you’re not alone. Your senior may experience this and worry, though, especially if this hasn’t been a problem for her in the past. But if she’s having significant trouble maintaining a conversation because she’s missing words or entire phrases, there could be something else at play. This is another sign that might come and go depending on your senior’s stress levels.

Misplacing Frequently Used Items

Misplacing items is not difficult to do in the average home. It’s not unusual to put something important down while distracted and to walk off without that item. If your elderly family member is finding that she’s losing things often and is convinced that people are stealing those items, that’s a sign that something else is happening. Some people always have difficulty keeping track of some items, though, which may factor into how important this is.

Making Bad Decisions

Your senior’s judgment is another spot that can help you and her to see whether she may have something to be concerned about. If she’s every once in a while second-guessing a decision she’s made, that’s par for the course. On the other hand, if you’re questioning your senior’s decisions often that can be a sign that she may be dealing with some cognitive issues.

The earlier that you and your senior spot cognitive changes that point to something like Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, the better. But not all cognitive changes mean that your senior is facing something that big. Any time you’re in doubt, talk to her doctor about screening tests.

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Tom Yetzer
Tom Yetzer

Tom is the owner of SYNERGY HomeCare of Denver, Colorado.

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