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Arthritis Care by SYNERGY HomeCare of West Denver

Living with moderate to severe osteoarthritis can be a struggle for seniors. Activities that were once common can now be painful, and the condition canmake it difficult for them to maintain independence. However, senior careproviders can not only help them with activities of daily living, but can also encourage activities that can manage and treat the pain.

Regular exercise is often seen as one of the best ways to help seniors withosteoarthritis manage the condition. While it may seem difficult, especially with the pain, staying active allows older adults to maintain joint function and range of motion. Care providers can help motivate and encourage seniors to follow through with their exercise regimen.

Aside from physical activity, seniors with osteoarthritis can make use of assistive devices and help from those providing home care. Even something as simple as a cane or some helpful gadgets can make daily activities a little easier, while care providers can help with home making and meal preparation.

In addition to exercise and assistance, some arthritis patients have turned to alternative therapies to help reduce the pain. While there is still some research being done on the effectiveness of such treatments, acupuncture, nutritional supplements and heat therapy have all shown promise.

LIving with arthirtis can be made easer with a compassionate and helpful caregiver from SYNERGY HomeCare of West Denver. Please contact us to learn more or for a free consultation.

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