Elder Care in Wheat Ridge CO: Are There Benefits to Your Elderly Loved One if She Quits Driving?


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Are There Benefits to Your Elderly Loved One if She Quits Driving?

Elder Care in Wheat Ridge CO

Elder Care in Wheat Ridge COAt some point, you may have to talk to your loved one about her driving. If you can have a list handy of the benefits she'll see if she quits driving, the talk is likely to go much more smoothly for both of you.

She Can Save Some Money

The first place that your elderly loved one can save money is of course on the cost of car maintenance itself. A car payment, gas, and other maintenance can really add up. When you factor in insurance, which could be very high for your loved one if she has had issues on the road, that's even more savings. If there have been tickets, fines, or other costs associated with driving, your loved one no longer has to deal with those regularly, either.

She Can Meet New People

No longer driving for herself can mean that your elderly loved one has the opportunity to meet new people or even just spend more time with the people she already cares about. You, other family members, and neighbors may make up the bulk of your elderly loved one's new chauffeur force. But if you still need help with transportation, consider hiring elder care providers who will keep your loved one company while running errands.

She Might Actually Become More Active

Your loved one might be surprised at this one, but she may actually become more active. Some elderly loved ones are secretly afraid to drive, so they don't go anywhere unless they absolutely have to. With a host of people willing to take her wherever she wants to go, your loved one may want to frequent the senior center more often or meet up with friends in a variety of locations.

She Can Focus on Other Things

Once your loved one no longer has to deal with anything related to keeping herself behind the wheel, she's free to pursue other interests and shift her focus to other topics. She may even decide that she likes being able to call up a relative or an elder care provider and request a ride when she does want to go somewhere.

Even if your elderly loved one still doesn't see the benefits, it's important to stick to your guns if she's truly not safe behind the wheel any longer.

If you or an aging loved one are considering hiring in-home elder care in Wheat Ridge, CO, please contact the caring staff at SYNERGY HomeCare West Denver. Call today: (720) 263-6060.

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