Senior Care in Arvada CO: Top Tools to Encourage More Independence in the Bathroom


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Top Tools to Encourage More Independence in the Bathroom

Senior Care in Arvada CO

Senior Care in Arvada COFor many seniors, the first area of the home where it becomes clearly evident that the challenges and limitations of aging have impacted their functioning is in the bathroom. Many elderly adults who are otherwise healthy, active, and primarily independent face difficulties handling their basic tasks in the bathroom due to issues such as mobility problems, reduced balance, loss of range of motion, and others. This can not only put them at risk of physical injury, but also make them feel as though they are losing grasp of the independence that most people hold as an important feature of their lives. This can lead to mental and emotional health consequences that negatively impact their quality of life. Fortunately there are tools that they can use to encourage greater independence for their basic functions in the bathroom.

Some of the tools that your elderly loved one can use to encourage more independence in the bathroom include:

  • Grab bars. One of the simplest and yet most effective tools that your parent can use to help them manage more of their own tasks in the bathroom is grab bars. When installed properly these bars provide leverage and points of balance so that your parent can more confidently move around the room, get in and out of the bath or shower, use the toilet, and stabilize themselves while dressing and performing other tasks.
  • Handheld showerhead. Bending, reaching, twisting, and lifting your feet are basic movements of showering, but they can be difficult and even dangerous for a senior who has mobility, balance, and range of motion problems. A handheld showerhead allows your parent to more confidently wash and rinse all areas of their body without all of these movements.
  • Raised toilet. Sitting onto and standing up from a conventional toilet can be challenging for a senior dealing with loss of range of motion or strength, balance problems, pain and stiffness, and other issues. An elevated ADA-approved toilet lifts the seat several inches so that the distance that a senior must sit and then stand is greatly reduced. Most also have handlebars on the side to provide balance and leverage to further simplify this task.

If your parent has been dealing with challenges in the bathroom it may be time for you to consider starting senior care for them. Having a senior home care services provider in the home with your aging parent is a fantastic way to encourage them to maintain as much of their independence as possible while also feeling confident that they are getting the support, care, and assistance that they need to live the highest quality of life that they can as they age in place. A senior home care services provider accomplishes this for your elderly loved one by creating a personalized approach to care specifically designed to address their limitations, challenges, and needs but in a way that is still supportive of them doing as much for themselves as possible and maintaining their independence, autonomy, and dignity.

If you or an aging loved one are considering hiring in-home senior care in Arvada, CO, please contact the caring staff at SYNERGY HomeCare West Denver. Call today: (720) 263-6060.

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