Elderly Care in Morrison CO: Top Features in Today's Cars That Make Driving Safer for Your Aging Parent


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Top Features in Today's Cars That Make Driving Safer for Your Aging Parent

Elderly Care in Morrison COYour mom and dad still drive and have the vision and reaction times to make it possible. You've talked to their doctors and know they can drive, but you want them to be as safe as possible. The good news is that today's vehicles are equipped with many features that make driving safer. Here are automotive features that benefit your aging parent.

Automatic Headlights and High Beams

Many vehicles today have automatic headlights that turn on when the light is too dim and off when the sun is bright enough to eliminate the need for headlights. Some cars even have automation that turns high beams on when needed and off when another car approaches.

Automatic Parking Assist

Parallel parking can be difficult for many drivers, not just the elderly. Some cars come with automatic parking assist. When applied, the car uses cameras and sensors to parallel park.

Built-in GPS Systems

Many vehicles today have built in GPS systems that direct you on how to get from one location to another. The voice tells you when to turn, what lane to be in, and other helpful instructions to get you to your destination.

Rear Backup Cameras

Rear backup cameras provide a visual aid with warning lines you can use when backing out of a parking space or your driveway. You can view the camera to look for obstacles behind you and to each side. There are also the strips that tell you when you're getting too close to an object behind you.

Sensor Systems

Three sensor systems really help boost safety while driving. One sensor monitors the car's position within the lane. If your parent starts to go over the center line, the car sounds an alarm and can even take over steering to get the car back into the proper lane position. A second sensor monitors the distance to objects in front of the car. If your parent comes up too close to another vehicle, brakes are applied to prevent a crash. A third sensor tracks objects in the blind spot and gives an audible alarm if the driver tries to pull out into a lane where there is a hidden vehicle.

Make sure you monitor your parent's driving skills regularly. There may come a time when driving is no longer safe. When this happens, you'll need to take their keys away. Elderly care services can be a huge help in these situations. Your parent may be upset about losing some freedom. But, an elderly care professional can drive your mom or dad around. Your mom or dad will have freedom without risking his or her safety.

If you or an aging loved one are considering elderly care in Morrison, CO, please contact the caring staff at SYNERGY HomeCare West Denver. Call today: (720) 263-6060.

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