5 Ways Senior Care Can Preserve Your Parent’s Dignity


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5 Ways Senior Care Can Preserve Your Parent’s Dignity

One of the things that many older adults have a difficult time with as they get older is a loss of dignity. When they have to rely on others to care for them, especially their own children, it can be a huge blow to their self-esteem. Family caregivers who are conscientious about maintaining their parent’s dignity may be concerned about whether a stranger coming into the home to assist will also treat the older adult with care. When you hire senior care through an agency, you can be assured that the staff members sent to your parent’s home are adept at treating the elderly with dignity. In fact, here are 5 ways that a senior care provider can help to preserve your parent’s dignity.

#1: Professional Care

First, every senior care provider that comes into your parent’s home is a professional. They have experience and training in working with older adults. As a result, senior care providers know techniques that allow the elderly to continue feeling good about themselves. In addition, sometimes your parents will be more comfortable with a professional assisting with certain tasks, such as bathing, than they might be with a family member.

#2: Offering Choices

One of the techniques senior care providers use is giving older adults choices. When your parent is given choices about what they wear, eat, and do, they won’t feel like someone is taking away their independence.

#3: Maintaining Standards

Your aging parent likely had standards as you were growing up. Perhaps they like to keep their appearance sharp with nice clothes, styled hair, and good grooming. Even if your parent has cognitive issues that prevent them from doing these things on their own or providing input, a senior care provider can take direction from family caregivers to continue helping the older adult to dress and look the way they like.

#4: Clean House

Living in a nice, clean house is a source of pride for many older adults. However, some conditions can make it hard for seniors to clean on their own. Senior care providers will happily complete light cleaning tasks, such as vacuuming and sweeping. Because they are being paid to do their job, your parent need not feel like a burden.

#5: Respecting Closed Doors

Senior care providers also maintain dignity by knocking on closed doors rather than walking in unannounced. In addition, a senior care provider will close the bathroom or bedroom door when assisting the older adult to use the toilet or get dressed.


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