Five Reasons Your Senior Needs to Prioritize Exercise


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Five Reasons Your Senior Needs to Prioritize Exercise

When your elderly family member puts exercise at the top of her priority list, she’s more likely to get some in every day. But why should she be prioritizing exercise at all?

She Wants to Have Energy for What She Wants to Do

When your senior’s energy levels are topped up, she’s able to keep doing the things that she loves and wants to do on a regular basis. Exercise can help her to have the energy that she needs, but that can be difficult to sell her on at first. What happens is that she starts to get better rest, craves healthier foods, and works her muscles. All of that helps to boost her energy.

She’s Concerned about Her Balance

Balance is a huge concern for older adults because poor balance can lead to bigger concerns, like falling. Sticking with an exercise program can help your elderly family member to rebuild her ability to balance. It can also help her with general mobility and flexibility, both of which can also be a factor when it comes to being able to balance properly. If balance is a serious concern, having home care providers there with her may also be a good plan.

She’s Dealing with Chronic Health Concerns

Your senior’s overall health is often easier to manage if she’s exercising regularly. Certain health problems respond well to regular exercise and this might be recommended by your senior’s doctor as another tool to use in managing overall well-being. Your senior’s doctor is the first person to consult any time she is planning to start or change an exercise program, just to ensure it’s alright for her to do so.

She Wants to Preserve Some Independence

Remaining independent for as long as possible is a huge goal for many aging adults, primarily because this translates to maintaining control over where she lives and other important decisions. Exercising helps with energy management, but it also helps to ensure that your senior is as strong and as healthy as she can be. It at least helps her to not lose any of those skills.

She Just Wants to Feel as Well as Possible

The simplest reason for incorporating regular exercise into your senior’s life is that she just wants to feel as well as she can. This means both physically and emotionally, because exercise helps with mood management, too. If your elderly family member simply wants to enjoy the time that she has left, exercise is an easy way to help her to do that.

What’s most important is that exercise meets some needs for your senior. Pinpointing those reasons for her can help immensely.

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