Four Tips for Managing Your Senior’s Weight


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Four Tips for Managing Your Senior’s Weight

Any time your senior’s weight is changing in big ways, that can mean something else is going on. Mindful eating can help a lot, but it’s also a good idea to talk to your senior’s doctor and rule out possible health issues.

What’s Her Weight Doing?

Your senior may not be paying attention at all to her weight. She may go by her clothing and how it feels or by other signs, rather than knowing the number on the scale. That’s perfectly fine, but knowing whether she’s tending to gain or lose is important no matter how you’re gauging it. Knowing what the trends are can help you to spot what might be contributing to the changes she is experiencing and you may be able to help her find a way to stabilize everything.

Take a Closer Look at Her Diet

What exactly is your senior eating these days? If she’s tending to graze a lot and isn’t paying much attention to the types of foods she’s eating, she might not be getting a good mix of different nutrients. It might be difficult for her to predict her appetite, especially if she doesn’t enjoy cooking or only has time to grab meals and go because she’s on the go so much. There might be a way for you to help her to accommodate her other needs and still eat a balanced diet.

Keep Portion Sizes in Mind

One sticky wicket that a lot of seniors find themselves facing is portion sizes. In the past, they may have been able to eat however much they wanted of some foods. As they age, though, their metabolism and other aspects of how their body processes food changes. That might mean that larger portion sizes are actually too large. If your senior is having trouble keeping weight on, she might need to eat a little more than she’s used to.

Moving More Can Solve a Host of Issues

Exercise is almost always something to consider, no matter whether your elderly family member is trying to lower or raise her weight. Talk to her doctor about whether exercise is okay for your senior and make sure that you help her to stick to a routine that she enjoys. Even walking around the block can be a great way to get her body moving regularly.

Your senior’s doctor can help you to find a happy medium in terms of her weight. If your senior needs help with tasks like cooking, elder care providers can help her to stick to a diet full of healthy food options.

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