Help Your Elderly Loved One Manage Their Sleep Issues


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Help Your Elderly Loved One Manage Their Sleep Issues

​Does your elderly loved one have issues with the quality or amount of sleep they get? This can be rough on anyone, but it is truly difficult for elderly adults. There are many different reasons why your elderly loved one may not be getting the sleep you need. There are also some things you and their caregivers can do to help them.

Reasons for Sleep Issues in Elderly Adults

There are numerous reasons why your elderly loved one may not be getting the sleep they need. By figuring out the direct cause of your elderly loved one’s sleep issues, you can learn how to help them get better sleep. Some of the most common reasons for sleep issues in the elderly include the following:

  • Sleep apnea
  • RLS or Restless Leg Syndrome
  • Side effects from medications
  • Not getting enough exercise
  • Health issues
  • Depression

While these issues can affect people of all ages, they seem to hit the elderly even harder. Talk to your loved one and find out if they are dealing with any of these things. You might already be aware of some health issues they have that cause them to be getting less sleep or poor quality sleep. If there are issues that haven’t yet been addressed by their doctor, schedule them an appointment to get that issue checked out.

Sleep Management Tips for the Elderly

If you can determine the cause of your loved one’s sleep issues, that will make it easier to find the proper solutions to help them get better sleep. However, in regard to all sleep issues, there are some common sleep management tips that might help your elderly loved one. Some of these natural options include the following:

  • Get your loved one into a routine that is structured every day
  • Have them avoid caffeinated beverages and foods (especially after 2 p.m.)
  • Incorporate exercise into their regular schedule
  • Keep the temperature in their bedroom cool
  • Have your loved one eat meals at regularly scheduled times
  • Make sure your loved one doesn’t eat to close to their bedtime
  • Try different types of aromatherapy close to bedtime (for instance, you could place lavender oil in their bedroom)
  • See if your loved one’s doctor can change a certain medication that may be causing sleep issues

No matter what may be causing your loved one to have sleep issues, these are some things that may be able to help.

Many elderly adults have issues with sleep quality and the amount of sleep they get. You and your loved one’s caregivers can use these tips to help your loved one get better sleep all-around.


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