How Can Technology Help With Daily Care Tasks?


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How Can Technology Help With Daily Care Tasks?

​What do you do to help your mom each day? Some of the common tasks include meal preparation, medication reminders, appointment scheduling and reminders, bill paying, and socialization. How can technology help you with your tasks as a family carer?

Pill Reminders

Electronic pill organizers help with medication reminders. The dispenser is set up with compartments for days that you fill. When it's time to take a pill, the compartment unlocks and an alarm goes off. Once it's taken, the door shuts and it moves to the next compartment to wait for the next timer.

These pill reminders are handy when your mom takes multiple pills each day but doesn't take them all at once. Antibiotics that require pills to be taken 12 hours apart are an example of a pill that this type of organizer handles with ease.

Smart Speakers/Assistants

Smart assistants help with several aspects of your daily routine. You can have a device like Amazon Alexa or Google Home remind you when it is time to have your mom take her next dose of medication. It can read a recipe to you while you make dinner. It can remind you to get up and exercise.

You can also use a smart assistant to keep your mom entertained while you do the housework. Put on a trivia game, play music, read the news and weather, or set up the assistant to turn on the TV and find shows or movies for your mom.

If there is more than one smart assistant in the home, you can use them as an intercom system. When dinner's ready, you tell the assistant to tell everyone in the home to come to eat and it broadcasts your message.

Smart Appliances

Smart appliances like a smart fridge can help you keep track of groceries. They can notify you when items are past their expiration date. Some have cameras that allow you to look inside the fridge when you're in the store and see if you have something.

Smart ovens can allow you to monitor things cooking in the oven. You can turn it on and off or have the oven's app tell you when it's time to flip something or stir what's in a pot.

There's an option that's even better than smart technology. Hire elderly care aides to cook meals, clean the home, and keep your mom company. Talk to an elderly care agency to make arrangements.

If you or an aging loved one are considering elderly care in Arvada, CO, please contact the caring staff at SYNERGY HomeCare West Denver. Call today: (720) 263-6060.

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